Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yugoslavian Recidivist Knuckleheads

Do you remember Night Court? I loved this show. And I had no idea Brent Spiner, aka Data from Star Trek-The Next Generation was in it until I found this video. I have been on a Star Trek bender watching season one. I just started the episode "Datalore" where they go to Data's home world and find his "brother." I love how they make fun of things like money and the need people felt in the old 21st century for such a silly thing. They are so beyond money, so advanced.

The show always seemed to emphasize what was good in human nature--curiousity, change, exploring, striving to get ahead and learn, most of all learning. What is out there? What does it mean? I loved the exploration part of the show. Kind of like going on a long drive just wandering around. Taking a road just because you have never been on it and it seems interesting. Sometimes it is scary and sometimes you find something you did not imagine.

When they would encounter beings more advanced then they were, those beings always seemed to see something to admire in humanity. Even with all our flaws. Oh, the fun they had showing us our flaws and how we would outgrow them. I loved the fundamental optimism of the show.

I still do not understand how people are not excited about learning. I have a post brewing on Wolfram Alpha, a "computational knowledge engine." It is not a search engine like Google. From the little I have played with it, I would call it more of an answer engine. It is such a fun site and Dr. Stephen Wolfram (yes, that is his name!) gives some great answers to why he started this project. But even my brother the geek and his equally geeky friend, Lop, did not know what it was. (I mean they both have servers in their homes. It's like a computer wonderland.) They are the kind of people though who will discover the site and manage to manipulate it such a way that will blow me away.

But for all my love of things geek, and things that bleep and touch screens to play with, I like silly sitcoms like this one. Ah, gee. Now I want to watch Designing Women. Time for a Julia Sugarbaker rant.


@eloh said...

Is this Wolfram a site that others can visit yet? This is interesting. I am an original only Star Trek freak. My kids always called it the "cheesy" Star Trek. I hear this new movie is really good.

Jeanne said...

OMg I didn't think that was Brent Spiner at all! I had to look a couple of times. He sure is good at getting that stupid look on his face.

I miss Night Court. Loved that show!

Data's bro not such a good guy, is he? Love TNG!

@eloh - the movie is spectacular, especially if you know your classic Trek. Doesn't rely on special effects at all. In particular Bones is a dead ringer in terms of mannerisms to the real McCoy. If only his eyes were blue, it'd be eery. Go see it!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@eloh Jeesh, I am such a knucklehead. I made it a link in the post but it is I love the original Star Trek and am trying to find an excuse to spend the money on the DVDs. It is cheesy but oh so good. I am huge fan of the The Next Generation, too. I am going to see the movie this weekend, so we will see.

Jeanne Is that unbelievable. He was on the show a few times. You should You Tube it and find the other episodes. That show was the best. Data's brother was such a tool. I am totally in hog heaven though watching the shows. I have never seen the other ones. Are they any good?

Jeanne said...

What, do you mean the other Star Trek shows like Generations? If you mean the series', I didn't like any of them besides the original and TNG. Jean-Luc Piccard is very manly! Ever notice though, Ryker walks with his head tilted all the time. All the seasons were good with that show. Keep watching!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Yes, that's what I meant. Star Trek Voyager, etc. How about Battlestar Gallactica and Stargate? I have never seen any of those either. To be honest, I like to wait until they come to DVD so I can waste, I mean, spend a whole day watching a season. That made "Lost" so much better.

Jeanne said...

We did that with Hero's. It as great! You don't lose continuity.

Yeah, didn't like the other spin offs as much. Never watched Battlestar Galactica. Dave watched Stargate and really liked it. I couldn't get into it.

I bought the seasons of Dragonfly. Now that was a good show! Think Joss Wheadon directed. Very good Sci-Fi show.

Definitely watch all of TNG. Just so good.