Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hot Air Balloon in Temecula~!

This morning when my daughter left for work, she came running back in to tell me there was a hot air balloon right outside our house. Sure. So I went outside to take a peek and there it was~! You could see the people in the basket and the chase truck was racing down the street to follow it. I went running back in the house to find my camera and take pictures. Now, I am in my pajamas and the people could see me. I am sure they thought it was quite funny. They were only about 3-4 houses down the street from me. I would have gotten more pictures but I had already embarrassed myself by acting like such a geek to get pictures.

What a beautiful day to go up in a hot air balloon~! I hope they were enjoying some good Temecula wine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Word Jazz

P.J. O'Rourke Speaking at the Connecticut Forum

Do you know anybody who is a master of word jazz? I read an article on Jean Shepherd in Slate Magazine. You know Jean Shepherd, the creator of "A Christmas Story." The article is fascinating and talks about Jean hosting a nighttime radio show and how he was the master of word jazz. What an incredible turn of words~! I immediately thought of P. J. O'Rourke, a master of written word jazz. I have been trying to get my Book Babes to read one of his books, "All The Troubles in the World." The man is so funny but I sometimes have to go online to figure out all his allusions and references. George Will is another incredible master of word jazz to me. I have the dictionary out when I read him but I love to read his stuff. Robin Williams is a master of spoken word jazz, as was George Carlin.

They all seem to have a depth of learning but you do not realize it until you look up some of the stuff they mention and you realize just how well read they all are and how curious they must be. I am going to betray my ignorance here, but in Harry Potter when J.K. Rowling introduces Fluffy, I had no idea of the significance of the three-headed dog, but think of how much richer the story would have been for me if I had known where the idea came from. I love the Harry Potter books, but I know if I knew my mythology and history better that there might even be more to the story than I think.

I guess I will have to become a self "edumacated" person.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crooked Penis Drug Developer Rises....

Chuck Berry My-Ding-A-Ling

Okay, you have to link to the article on this one. In the middle of making Christmas cookies for tomorrow, I stumbled upon this headline and nearly did not make it to the bathroom I was so laughing so hard. That headline should have been edited doncha think? Why would any drug developer want to make a product that makes a crooked penis???? Might be fun to sneak into Congresses' lunch line, but other than that, what is the point? Of course, they meant a company was crooked but I love the idea of a crooked penis drug developer. You could have a contest to name it. "Switchback Sex" is one idea, or perhaps "Crooked Cock Capsule." I guess in San Francisco you could have it be named in honor of Lombard Street. (I stole that line from a comedian. Did you know you could type "crooked penis" in You Tube and get lots and lots of hits?)

Back to work....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Brother~!

Funny parody of Star Wars.

Happy Birthday, baby brother. I chose a Star Wars clip because my brother was only about 6 years old when it first came out and he did NOT want to go see it. My mother had to drag him kicking and screaming. I had seen it at the Grauman's Chinese Theater as it was known then and I was blown away. He has been a huge fan ever since and has basically grown up with it. I love my little brother! I cannot wait to see you guys again at Disneyland on Friday.

My daughter and her boyfriend and I went down to San Diego to have dinner with my brother and his wife (the soon to be famous author). We went to Phil's BBQ. We had a blast.

We met my brother's friends, the ones we went to Knott's Scary Farm with. Phil's used to be in Hillcrest but now is on Sports Arena Blvd. Dancing with the Stars was being performed down the street at the Sports Arena.

We always have so much fun talking with my brother, his wife, and their friends. They are all so silly, too. I hope you had a great day brother!~

Monday, December 15, 2008

Suzanne & Hitler...what a lovely couple

These 2 videos go hand in hand quite well.

But real estate always goes up.
Buy now before you are priced out.
You can refinance later if you need to.
No documentation loan and no one looks at how much you make.
Blah, blah, blah.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick peek into my brain...

Go! Go! Go! You see, you go round and round and round... and then your ass gets thrown out of the wheel. HAHAHA. I love this You Tube video. It is not that I have been terribly busy and unable to write but more like I felt like a hamster in a wheel. In the interim since I last posted, my youngest daughter turned 19. She says she feels old. I mean, next year she will be 20 and no longer a teenager. Egads~! Let me call for a wambulance. She is so much fun to be around but sometimes she drives me nuts. At least she finally paid me a backhanded compliment the other day. She said that I did not look 51 and that I looked pretty good. I was afraid to find out how old she thought I looked.

We had Thanksgiving at my house with about 12 people or so. It was a lot of fun but it really was not my year to cook. If it weren't for my mom, I am quite sure it would not go smoothly or so well.

I went to an AC/DC concert at the Forum on December 8th. I almost have my hearing back. I loved it and I wished I known you could buy beer there. I would have been there a lot sooner~! I went with 2 friends and my daughter. She knows more about the band than I do but I remember the songs when they were new. Sigh. I had forgotten all about Bon Scott. His is the voice I remember for "Highway to Hell." The concert was so much fun though and I wish I had bought some horns to wear for New Year's Eve. I am sure Debbie and Tom would like that~! The next concert is Nine Inch Nails. Anyone game?? Thanks to L for bringing the "damn bitch" or Deb. She was a big help in navigating in LA looking for the Elephant Bar and Grill. It was the Verizon version of the GPS system. We annoyed the hell out of her though. She was constantly recalulating our route when we would go another way than the one she suggested.

Christmas is the around the corner now. All my friends with their Christmas countdown clocks are driving me nuts. I bought my tree on December 1st but it only got decorated last night! I have been doing some incredible soul searching on what the holidays mean to me now that I am divorced and my kids are grown. One is married with a kid of her own starting her own family traditions and the other one is not so much into the traditions of Christmas. She likes them but not enough to get into the spirit of it all. My brothers and sister have young children, so their Christmas is like the ones I had when my girls were little. I loved all the hoopla then but now....well, I am not so sure.

Going to a dinner at a friend's home tonight. I made green chile enchiladas. Hope everone likes them. I do not cook that much anymore. But at least Jack Daniels and I had can meet again~! Happy Hour to everyone~!