Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick peek into my brain...

Go! Go! Go! You see, you go round and round and round... and then your ass gets thrown out of the wheel. HAHAHA. I love this You Tube video. It is not that I have been terribly busy and unable to write but more like I felt like a hamster in a wheel. In the interim since I last posted, my youngest daughter turned 19. She says she feels old. I mean, next year she will be 20 and no longer a teenager. Egads~! Let me call for a wambulance. She is so much fun to be around but sometimes she drives me nuts. At least she finally paid me a backhanded compliment the other day. She said that I did not look 51 and that I looked pretty good. I was afraid to find out how old she thought I looked.

We had Thanksgiving at my house with about 12 people or so. It was a lot of fun but it really was not my year to cook. If it weren't for my mom, I am quite sure it would not go smoothly or so well.

I went to an AC/DC concert at the Forum on December 8th. I almost have my hearing back. I loved it and I wished I known you could buy beer there. I would have been there a lot sooner~! I went with 2 friends and my daughter. She knows more about the band than I do but I remember the songs when they were new. Sigh. I had forgotten all about Bon Scott. His is the voice I remember for "Highway to Hell." The concert was so much fun though and I wish I had bought some horns to wear for New Year's Eve. I am sure Debbie and Tom would like that~! The next concert is Nine Inch Nails. Anyone game?? Thanks to L for bringing the "damn bitch" or Deb. She was a big help in navigating in LA looking for the Elephant Bar and Grill. It was the Verizon version of the GPS system. We annoyed the hell out of her though. She was constantly recalulating our route when we would go another way than the one she suggested.

Christmas is the around the corner now. All my friends with their Christmas countdown clocks are driving me nuts. I bought my tree on December 1st but it only got decorated last night! I have been doing some incredible soul searching on what the holidays mean to me now that I am divorced and my kids are grown. One is married with a kid of her own starting her own family traditions and the other one is not so much into the traditions of Christmas. She likes them but not enough to get into the spirit of it all. My brothers and sister have young children, so their Christmas is like the ones I had when my girls were little. I loved all the hoopla then but now....well, I am not so sure.

Going to a dinner at a friend's home tonight. I made green chile enchiladas. Hope everone likes them. I do not cook that much anymore. But at least Jack Daniels and I had can meet again~! Happy Hour to everyone~!

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Casey said...

Ha Ha Ha, had a lot of fun at Nancy's though with Jack didn't we? Now you know why I'm always Bah Humbug about this time of year;)