Friday, July 17, 2009

I Call Shotgun

Killdozer called shotgun yesterday when I was driving the kids to dinner...which by the way was on the way to the new Ruby Tuesday in town. Someone please tell me why new restaurants have to bite? I ordered their $5 margarita and I might as well have been sucking a lemon. How do you mess up a margarita that bad? I have had better margaritas off the shelf from 7-11 with the booze already mixed in. I am so low maintenance it's ridiculous but I sent that drink back and asked for diet and bourbon. Ah, yes, much better. I spent a ridiculous amount of money there for dinner and there were only 3 of us and I only had the one $5 drink. In 'n Out looks better and better every day. A double-double with fries and a drink for all 3 of us would probably have cost me a third of what I spent. Someone tell me why a hamburger has to cost $12 or more? Are they taxing cows now per methane farts or something?

Anyway, Teddy Bear always sits shotgun when I drive but Killdozer decided he was going to make her sit in the back and when dinner was over they raced to the car (oh, to be 18 and 19 again) to see who would get to the car first. He won, of course, but she whines and moans much better than he does, so she got shotgun.

Enjoy the video~!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

When the mad cow scare came through a few years ago, people saw fit to crank the price of beef-based products through the roof.

Despite the fact that our beef has been proven relatively clean and safe, they still keep the prices high because--hey!--they like profit.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Mad cow disease~! Great. I had forgotten all about that.

Well, since the restaurant was not even close to full at prime time dinner time, I think a lot of other people are thinking the same thing I am. We had a bubble market in overpriced hamburgers and now everyone is "foreclosing" on the expensive burger joints. What were we thinking?!! In 'n Out makes a great burger and fries for under $5. Maybe the expensive places can get TARP funds and get bailed out. I'm sure you want to help subsidize my burger going ventures don't you?

Karen Carter said...

Scratch that one off our book club list! I have heard from others that it stinks too!
Well any night with the kids is always fun!
Loved this post...the Greek

@eloh said...

Yeah, beef plus a brain eating disease is much more costly.

Sounds like you had a good time.

Charmaine said...

Thank goodness you're not dating ME. My poor dates drop 300 bucks, easy, a night. And still, I won't marry them. Or, ya know...anything else for that matter.

Ruby Tuesday, what IS that, a burger joint? (I just had one.) But remember, my Irish Aunt died of Mad Cow.

Strange...but true. It happened a couple of months after she returned from Ireland. Now guess where I'm going? Ahhhh