Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pocked Pecker

People ask me all the time why on earth I play with Twitter and then this lovely tweet came through.


Safe Sex Poster: No Laughing Matter is a serious problem in Taiwan apparently with the age of people getting STDs and AIDS getting younger and younger.

So you see the pecker looking all sassy and satisfied leaving...leaving...well, a hoo hoo. See the fuzzy wall and is that really what I think it is above the door? You know what I mean. Oh, come on. It rhymes with shit. But then poor Pecker "comes" out and starts to look a little sickly. Oh my. He is all bumpy and greenish like a left over hot dog from Fourth of July. And what do his pecker friends do? Those dicks laugh at him. They are safely sandwiched in their pecker packets, all safe and sound in latex land.

I love Twitter. And I know there are people out there wondering why I did not use the word twat to talk about Twitter. Shame on you. That would be too easy and I am not that kind of girl. *sniff*


@eloh said...

This is great. I don't understand twitter so I'm glad you shared it here.

Housewife Savant said...


Sorry I've been such a sh*t. Not commenting enough.
I HATE Google Reader, or it hates ME, which makes Google Reader the sh*t.

I'm putting you on my sidebar, which is a tremendous honor.
Or not.
But it'll keep me better updated on your frikken hilarious posts.
Blog on.
And I'll do better, I tell m'self.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Thanks for the sidebar honor. I am blushing~!. July has been a wonky month for me, too, with only 9 posts in all of July. Yikes. I loved your post today and will be hopping over to make a comment there~! How on earth do you come up with some of those words? Genius I tell you.