Thursday, July 23, 2009

Testing, Testing

The Great Recession is coming home to roost, fluff its feathers, peck around my pad, and generally causing clucking in my head. Do you talk to yourself? JuJuBeez does and my BB says it is...interesting. She will be having an entire internal conversation with herself and then blurt an odd comment or two to herself. Well, she says she is talking to BB, he just may not be in the room at the time. I have caught myself muttering to myself. I sound like a nattering nabob even to myself. Can you imagine living through the Great Depression?

Damn. I am rambling today. I had to take a test for a possible new account. I had to transcribe 3 emergency department reports with three different physicians. I only left one hole in the reports. Under HEENT exam, eyes normal, conjunctivae are....are...what? I don't often get stuck on a simple history and physical but it happens sometimes. Not sure if I will get the account though. How picky are they about punctuation? Grammar? Do you stick with what the doc says mostly or fix it?

I was palpitating about taking the test. L already works for the company so I tested at her house. I could not type on her keyboard. You would have thought I had just learned to type, I was stumbling all over the place like a spastic mouse getting chased all over the keyboard.

L and the Marine are going to Del Mar to the horse track and they invited me along for this Saturday. Woo hoo. Of course, I will be picking horses on a purely moronic basis. Is it a pretty color? I love gray horses, so that is one criteria. The name of the horse? Jockey colors? Does the owner have a cute butt? Teddy Bear knows horses better than I do, but she loves jumping and cross country. Pony camps used to drive me nuts. Little eight-year-old Teddy on a giant horse jumping. She loved riding and Temecula has its fair share of horse nuts but to do it right is expensive, so she stopped riding. Well, that and she started high school and other things are more interesting as you get older.

Do you want me place any bets for you? Does that make me a bookie? Is that illegal. Dang. How about suggestions? Oh, and I am joining a Fantasy Football league. So does the cute quarterback rule apply? Or does the cute animal team name always win? Bears vs. Eagles? (They probably don't even play against each other.) Bears are mean but eagles are tough. I guess I will go with fuzzy. Packers vs Vikings? Vikings sound nummy. I only pick the players from the teams. Sigh. I may have to have my dad on speed dial when we go to draft.

Is it Friday yet? Happy Hour anyone?


Schmoochiepoo said...

My inlaws love betting on the horses {brother in law has a gambling addiction!}. I've picked up a few tips along the years but honestly, I go with the cool names and pretty silks. :)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Personally, I would fix the grammar, but that's just me. I'm obnoxious like that.

I don't know if the Bears and Eagles will play this year, but the Fog Bowl from several years ago, was played in a thick, thick fog in Chicago between the Bears and the Eagles.

Jeanne said...

Holy moly girl - you were all over the place!

I can relate. ;)

Keep us up to date about the account...

otin said...

I cannot type either, it is two keys forward and one key back for me!