Friday, December 11, 2009


So, are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

I love my friends who say how can you be team Edward...he is hard and cold. How much fun can it be to hug a rock? I don't know which is funnier. The fact that I will argue with them or the fact that they say it like it's, you know, real. Or women only like it because they are missing something in their life. Well, duh. Romance writers would have been out of business years ago otherwise.

I am not a fan of the first movie. Twilight sucked. The parody was so much better than the movie. You don't believe me. Just watch.

See, that Bella could actually act. 

I enjoyed all four Twilight books. As I have said before they don't beat Harry Potter but I liked them anyways. (J.K. Rowling can actually write.) But it was fun reading about a vampire who is all sparkly, doesn't kill people, falls in love, and the horny teenager who falls in love with him.  

I liked the transformation into wolves. I disliked when Jacob cuts his hair. I really disliked the scene with Bella getting stitched up...where the hell was the director telling her not to look up like that. All I could see was her eyes disappear into her head and see a whole lot of the whites of her eyes. It was like a sunny side up egg gone horribly wrong. 

Dakota Fanning rocked. The bad vampires in Italy were fun. 

And Jasper still looks like a character from a puppet show.

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Kate said...

Team Nosferatu.

Secretia said...

The whole vampire scene is sweeping the planet now. Vampires are the best lovers!


Dual Mom said...

I liked the Italians too (who doesn't like Italians?). This means the fourth movie will rock because it's FULL of the bad ass. They had better not change the story line drastically either, or I'll, well I'll ... I'll do nothing. But I'll be really mad.

@eloh said...

Dakota Fanning is the only thing that has my interest here.

I read Interview with a Vampire when it first came out...The whole time I read the book, I kept thinking what an excellent movie this would make. Nobody cared squat about it for many many years. Then bingo bango a movie.

This new sparkly stuff,,, I think that is the part that makes me "in awe" that so many older women are hotting after this whole thing. It was always my understanding that once you got all sexed up by a vampire that was the end of ya.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I only saw the first movie, never read the books (my daughter saw both and is on to book #2). I have to say, though, I find that "Bella" and "Edward" are not attactive in the least to me. I think "Jacob" is cute, but he's like 18 years old, creepy.

adrienzgirl said...

I love vampire books, so I read them. I like them. I like Jacob. Even in the books. The first movie did blow!
Harry Potter IS AWESOME!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I don't understand why there is a team for either of them. I mean, obvi, she ends up with Edward from what I've heard (haven't read them) so what's the point in rooting for Jacob?

Madame DeFarge said...

I've never seen this. I now feel totally out of touch with popular culture. Am I abnormal????

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@kate...Touche. That was one creepy vampire...even if he had been all sparkly. Creepy long fingers, fugly face.

@secretia...It is amazing how vampires are taking over the world. Maybe it is a plan so they can "come of the coffin" like in True Blood. I sense a conspiracy here. Or maybe, once again, my tinfoil hat is on too tight.

@dual mom...You are so right! They are big in the fourth book. I cannot even begin to imagine how they will make into a movie though.

@eloh...I think it might be a fair argument that she was the only thing of interest in the movie, but that sounds a little harsh. Since I went into the movie with very low expectations,it actually exceeded those. Interview with a Vampire was an incredible book...she could spin a tale for sure. Some of the women who run the fan web sites are insane and a little scary.

@tattoos..Yes, if the only way you know Bella and Edward was through the first movie, I totally don't blame you for the WTF? It is not great literature, just a highly entertaining spin on a way old story...boy meets girl. Well, dead boy meets strange girl but the fact that she took that strange premise and made an entertaining story is interesting. Did your daughter enjoy the book?

@adrienzgirl...I love vampire books, too. I loved Jacob and the whole time I kept thinking why does the author keep Jacob salivating over was driving me nuts. But in the fourth book you get your answer.

@auntjuicebox...Now, that is exactly what surprised me when I first heard this team crudola. It was like saying I'm Team Paris instead of Team Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Not that Twilight is in the ballpark as Shakespeare, but you get my point. I think the world is too used to everything being interactive, even books!

@madame defarge...It is funny to hear about someone who doesn't know this whole ridiculous saga of Twilight and Bella and Edward. Very refreshing. Maybe there is still sanity out there somewhere because I think there is bugger everywhere else~! But I hope you have read the Harry Potter series. *sigh* I guess I'm proving my point.

ethelmaepotter! said...

"It is not great literature, just a highly entertaining spin on a way old story..." Congratulations - this pretty much sums up the entire Twilight phenomenom.
Dakota Fanning was a surprising delight as the uber-wicked Jane; in fact, the Volturi were the best characters in the film. But has there ever been a character with less emotion than Bella?
I guess I'm too old to get so engrossed in the whole Edward vs Jacob thing...but I must admit to having the hots for Quentin Collins back in the days of Dark Shadows!

Phoenix said...

I'm on Team Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a much better and feminist take on vampire mythology.) Stephanie Meyers could learn a thing or two about, oh, I don't know, how to write a female character so that she has a personality? if she watched Buffy, lol


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@ethelmaepotter....She was so fun to watch as Jane and I hope they keep the Volturi as entertaining and wicked for the fourth book. I loved Dark Shadows and maybe I will ask Santa to send me the DVDs~!

@phoenix...I knew you and I were sympatico! I love Spike and once in a while my daughter and I have a Buffy and Angel marathon. Sigh. She is team Angel and I am team Spike. HAHAHA. I always remind her that he is closer to my age anyways. I love the scene where he is standing on the building looking down on Angel and providing an imaginary dialogue...truly funny. And of course when Angel becomes a puppet and he and Spike duke it out. Shoot. No more distractions~!