Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree Twirler

I used to feel that way about my ex at Christmas. 

Every year at Christmas, we would all go out as a family to pick the tree. I loved doing this. The wonderful tree smell, happy people, twinkly lights. Probably why I will never have an artificial tree. It would seem to me like finally giving in to being a Scrooge. As if Christmas was just about getting it done instead of the memories. Besides, where else will the dog lift his leg while he is in the house to pee? Or take a drink? 

We would go and Ex would gladly unravel the netting, pull out the tree, and then twirl it around so we could all decide if it was the perfect tree. Well, gladly for a few trees anyway. The girls and I would finally pick one and then drag it off to pay for it. 

One year as we are standing in line to pay, Ex was grumbling in a somewhat playful manner about the whole bother. I looked at him and said, "You only have one job at be a Tree Twirler. What is so hard about that?" 

A couple of people back, a gentleman pipes up, "Hey, how did you manage that?"

He did manage a sheepish smile.

Last year I had Teddy Bear's boyfriend to help me with the tree twirling but this year he is not around and I have no tree twirler. Teddy's newest is in Afghanistan so I can't actually blame him for not taking a quick trip back to help. I'm not sure I have any frequent flyer miles to cover 7,500 miles. Heck, I don't have any frequent flyer miles. 

So Christmas is how many days away? Ahem. The dogs tore something up in the garage and I have white fluff all over the looks like Department 56 Dicken's Village, so that must be the sign from above that I need to start decorating. 

Fifteen days. Better check my list. I hope everyone was naughty so I don't have to buy too much.

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adrienzgirl said...

I can't believe we only have 15, scratch that it's after midnight, 14 days till Christmas! CRAP! I gotta get my butt in gear!

Just Playin' said...

You are funny! Wish you hadn't said 15 days! I've been in denial.

Aunt Juicebox said...

We used to get real trees. Then we had to downsize to a small tree that I could put up where small children couldn't reach it, and we moved to a place where it's hard to dispose of the corpse, so now we just have a small 3 ft tree. My youngest niece is 3 now though, and I'm thinking next year we might go back to a bigger one. Still gonna use fake though, I do NOT miss dealing with the freakin lights, so I'm going to get a prelit one.

@eloh said...

This made me remember some moments in my own life.

My daughter and I have scheduled this Sunday to "do" Christmas, thanks to your countdown reminder.

Secretia said...

Everyone was naughty, that's why we want to reward them.

Phoenix said...

GAH, 11 days until Christmas!!! And I've never heard of a Christmas Twirler before...usually I'm the one doing a 360 around the tree we want to pick to make sure it's not all smushed in the back. ;)