Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Picture is Worth....Ah, Heck.

Dang. And I thought it would be safe to go on or even e-harmony.

It gave me some good know, highlight the good bits and downplay the bad bits. Does anybody have an x-ray machine so I can display my awesome pancreas? Also, I think my olecranon rocks. 

In a flagrant pilfering of ideas, I was clicking through blog land and saw Bill at Just a Moment of Miscellany's post on Fractals and just had to pop in. The whole mathematical backdrop for fractals is interesting to me...and then I remembered an old post of mine on fractals. So I decided to re-post it. Because Fractals and Fonts make a good Jack Daniels and almost anything.

Wow. Pilfering and laziness in one blog post. 

Font Conference by

Just thinking out loud. Finding your first gray hair will do that for you. That, and a bottle of Jack Daniels to drown your sorrows. My sister-in-law plucked out the gray hair for me. I know. You're not supposed to do that because it will bring all its little buddies with it, but somehow I just could not stand to know it was there. As if being 51 didn't suck enough.

Anyways, I was reading an article, which for the life of me I cannot find on Yahoo, about people getting their panties in a bunch about Comic Sans and wanting to ban it. Yeah, banning a font. A FONT. Did you know there is a documentary out there about the Helvetica font? It looks fascinating and I really want to see it now. But what got me thinking was no matter how much you look into a subject, you can still go deeper into it. People were waxing poetic on fonts and typography and I totally get it. The love and fascination for graphic design and typography. I started doing what always gets me into trouble, jumping from link to link to learn more about a subject, and the more I looked the deeper the subject went and finding out how much there is out there which I have no clue about.

It got me thinking about fractals. You start with a formula, create an image, and when you zoom in on that image, it continues to stay complex and interesting no matter, it seems, how much you zoom in. (My understanding of fractals is strictly an amateur's fascination. I may be totally full of shit here, but this is what I far.) What is a fractal? Ah, this video might help.

Well, I'm off to go play with Times New Roman. Well, one doc likes his transcription in Arial. Maybe I should invoice in Comic Sans....nah, the docs already think I rob them blind and will not appreciate the comical light-hearted touch I think. I should make it something tough and bossy. Helvetica sounds bossy but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?


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Dual Mom said...

I'm sorry, I got hung up on the fact that you were 51 before you found your first gray hair? What the hell is that? I was 27. I hate you.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

And I haven't had another one since. Of course, now that I've said that, I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow with a Pepe Le Pew streak of gray.

Wasn't that video funny though? People that creative make me crazy.

Coffeypot said...

The video was cool, but I still don't understand a damn thing about it. I understand the splitting and going down into infinity, but what is it? I give up. And all I have now are gray hairs.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Coffeypot...I loved the camera video. Totally clever.

The other video was part of a whole documentary on fractals on YouTube and I loved every minute of it. Not that I understood it all.

Like I said, I'm sure my gray hair days are coming, I just want them to wait. They can back up in my brain for all I care. Maybe that's what gray hair is...your gray matter leaking out. Nah. My grandma was the wisest person I know. Not educated, but wise.

Housewife Savant said...

Can I get that video in coloring book form?
To heck with middle age; I could ROCK a black light poster with that imagery and some fluorescent shades of Crayola.

funderson said...

I'm SO jealous! I found my first gray hair at 30. I don't have TOO many now, but my hair is too thin AND fine to spare them. I'd be half bald if I plucked them

mac said...

If you were a guy, like me, you wouldn't worry so much about the gray hair a the gone hair.

Realizing that my buddy, hair, won't be with me forever has depressed me on more than one occasion. It's not gone yet, but it happens to some of the best of us.

Don't get me started on the gray body hair!

Anonymous said...
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A Cuban In London said...

Any ideas?

How about 'I walk away from your blog FULL OF IDEAS'?

I'd better say this before I carry on. I love your sense of humour. But also, following your comment on my blog, my dear, you're a cynic. You just don't know. Or a pragmatic. Thanks for the video. It did help explain why you're so attracted to fractals. Do you know I can't type that word, 'fractals', without thinking it's a typo? Go figure. Me, I love me Times and Arials, I do.

As for the Arts Council, no confusion. It is a taxpayer-funded body that guarantees that admission to museums in GB is free, that I get to see some of the most spectacular dance shows, art exhibitions and plays ever. It's not perfect, just recently it was plagued by party politics, but I do appreciate its existence. And so do the French and Germans and Spaniards, who want to copy the model.

Thank you very much for your comment. I love reading your blog, but I guess you already knew that. Oh, and by the way, grey hair? Bring it on. I've had grey hair since I was seventeen (it runs in the family, my mum went grey in her teens, too) and I love it. :-)

Greetings from London.

A Cuban In London said...

No, you did not offend at all. It takes a LOOOOOOOOOOT, and I mean a LOOOOOOOOOOT to get me worked up about something and luckily in almost three years as a blogger that has never happened (touch wood).

I just wanted to clarify why I think that CERTAIN government and non-government agencies are necessary. I'm not a huge fan of big government (still, I'm as far from the conservative, with small 'c', label as possible) but there are some ideals and precepts I would die for, metaphorically speaking. And one of those is for people to have the right to enjoy the best the arts have to offer.

Oh, no, you didn't offend at all. You keep writing, and I will keep reading. :-)

Greetings from London.

Phoenix said...

Why do people spend so much time and energy hating on fonts? It cracks me I hear from you there's a documentary. Rad. Can't wait to see the love and hate for Helvetica.

Madame DeFarge said...

We have endless arguments at work about the relative merits of Arial and Calibri. It's really very sad for adults to do this. And fractals are fab.

L said...

I'm not even a grandma yet and I have tons of gray hair. That reminds me, I'm way overdue for a trip to the salon.

Whatever font you use, don't use the one Evan used....the Font Monster might come looking for you!

Sandi said...

As my mom used to say, as long as Lady Clairol is alive, I'll never be gray! As for fonts, Comic Sans is my favorite. In fact, I take a lot of ribbing from my kids who have taken to calling me "Sans".

Finally, I met my husband on over 10 years ago. Don't give up!