Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And So It Begins....

Dr. Strangelove - American president and the Russian president.

Congratulations to President Obama, our new 44th president. I saw part of his acceptance speech this morning when I woke up and I have to admit I liked it. But those are words and politicians use words the way the Ginsu knife cuts through an aluminum can--it seems so easy but you are not sure it is real.

I get a newsletter alert sent to my e-mail when the New York Times has a breaking story or an alert. This is what I got today: "Russia Warns of Missile Deployment." He is not even in office, and Dimitri Medvedev is already challenging him. He is inheriting a world that I hope he is ready for and has the wisdom to handle.

And so it begins....

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Jeanne said...

I hope he can handle it. It's all of us if he can't. Scary stuff out there in the world. It trips me out to know he's in his forties, but hopefully he'll pull it out. I wish him well.
This was the first election I didn't get to vote in, and while politically I line up with McCain more, he worried me after the debates. I really believe the economy and those debates screwed it up for him.