Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wild Roller Coaster Ride

Real estate prices from 1890 to present visualized as a roller coaster ride~! If you look carefully, in the bottom right hand corner the year will flash to show you when prices went up and when they went down. It needs updating to reflect the current crash.

Fooled ya~! Ha, ha. You thought I was going to talk about my latest ride at an amusement park, right? Which, by the way we rode "Supreme Scream" at Knott's Scary Farm. I forgot how much that ride scares the shit out of me. I always feel like I am sliding forward and will plunge 300 feet to my death.

I just thought it would be fun, er, interesting to see how this current financial tsunami threatening to swamp all of us started. Then, you can blame all the financial wizards and masters of the universe in Wall Street and Washington for all the rest.

I have been buried in financial and real estate web sites and blogs for over a year now and it is only going to get worse. But as Maxine Waters says, "Nothing is broke."

It is so awful to think what next year is going to be like. I am losing a big client and will pray that I get a new one but my story will be one of many like this next year. My retirement account took an almost mortal hit last week...will it respond to CPR? Or is it terminal?

You have to find the humor in the situation somewhere, so that will be my goal over the next year. It should not be hard to find ridiculous statements and asinine comments by the smart and brilliant who got us in this fix. The next administration will either make it short and severe or it will make it long and protracted and much worse than it has to be.

It will be fun to keep tabs on the blowhards who will try to blow sunshine up our skirts and tell us everything is fine...from both parties. My party left me a long time ago. Does either party believe in small government, less taxation, less intrusive rules and regulations, a judiciary that does not legislate from the bench? The social issues have become straw men to distract us. Gay marriage, abortion, drugs. etc., etc. These are all incredibly important cultural and social issues but not something I want to discuss in the next 4-8 years at all.

I tried my darndest while my girls were young teenagers to keep the deluge out but it becomes nearly impossible if your kids go to public school, listen to MTV, blah, blah, blah. All the shows that my friends and family would watch, I would not. Sex and the City was not something I could watch when my daughters were younger.

Perhaps this scene is more illustrative. Okay, I love Samantha and I own all the seasons on DVD and my daughter and I love the show....now.

So anyway, back to real estate. Ha, ha. Such a hard thing to do, bad news is coming so quickly nowadays, it is hard to practice safe blogging.

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