Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There's A Pony in Here Somewhere~!

"Fortuosity" from the movie "The Happiest Millionaire"

I love this movie. It makes me happy when I watch it and I love the songs in it. My friends have a list called The Sunday Six and it is a way for them to count their blessings and list the things that make them smile and make them happy. I am definitely not disciplined enough to have a Sunday Six but I certainly can do this once in a while.

My list will be slightly different though. Cruddy things happen all the time but as the saying goes, "There has to be a pony here somewhere with all this crap." So, I will TRY to find a pony amongst the steaming piles.

My daughter's car was vandalized last night. She has only had the car for about a month, a darling red Ford Focus. Well, someone SPRAY PAINTED on it. They wrote "Fuck Obama" and "Die Obama" on the side of her car and on the rear window. Called the police, who were not going to come out until I told them a reporter was coming out because the same vandals had spray painted on the sidewalk up the street. (They had sprayed a swastika and "Fuck Obama.") Someone is not too happy with Obama, but the irony is my daughter and I did not vote for Obama. This was her first time to vote, and it was for president of the United States. I thought that was pretty cool, but she did not like either candidate so she voted libertarian. She did put a No on 8 poster out in front of our house which I guess pissed off some people. I told her that Californians have never voted for something like this and she was spinning her wheels.

So where is the pony? (Kind of like Where's Waldo, huh). Well, the paint came off with a good waxing, so her car looks better than before. HAHAHA. Not much of a pony, maybe a My Little Pony, but I was happy about that. I hope my daughter never stops speaking out for what she believes in but sometimes there are consequences.

I have a lot more like this but it is getting late and I need to go to bed.


Karen Carter said...

Loved this video! But sad to hear about the car! I think this is only the beginning about Obama and Prop 8 Things are crazy...
Thanks for the link to your friends blog. I am going there next. Love Karen~
ps loved the pony search..You are so funny
pss just saw the Return to Me!! BEST MOVIE!!! move that one up for sure~

Lady Shinola Mudbutt said...

I can't believe I missed this post. I hate it when the evils of the world touch my children.