Friday, August 28, 2009

Time for Music, Singing, and Genetic Engineering

I actually found this video because another blogger had this video on their blog and, of course, it reminded me of Charlie the Unicorn which led me on a wild chase through YouTube universe.

It has been a LONG week. Mom and Dad and sister and brothers and family are coming to my place tomorrow and then for my mom's birthday she wants to go to Pechanga Casino. And Me Too is coming, too. They are short gambling fools. My mom and her buddy Me Too are a hoot and my dad might actually go gambling with them. He is lucky without even trying which will fry their slot machine hineys off.

Ah, yes. Wheel of Fortune here we come.


mzbehavin said...

can I come??? I've never gambled.... ever..... My riend Roseanne and I are traveling down to southern maine the end of next month to the casino.... and I cannot wait!!!!

MJ said...

My daughter caught me cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees the other day. (Not pretty.) She recommended I invest in a Swiffer. I haven't yet, but now you've got me thinking. Will I have to break up with my husband, though? Because I still kinda like him.

Anonymous said...

good luck!

If you win too much send me some of it!!

@eloh said...

I bought a Swiffer a few months back....ugh...I really really like it. I did pry the lid off the bottle of cleaner that you are supposed to purchase a new one each time. I refill it myself and it screws right back leaks. I have bought several bottles of cleaner, for when I actually wear one of the bottles far so good.