Friday, November 6, 2009

Have You Ever Googled Your Blog Name?

Have you ever Googled your blog name? Or maybe Binged it? Checked it out on Wolfram Alpha? Did a look see on Yahoo? 

Apparently I was not terribly original. I was thinking about it because I was thinking of starting a new blog where I can wax philosophical on economics, finance, politics, blah, blah, blah. I would need to start a new blog because some of my bloggy friends say it is kind of boring when I get all Sam Donaldson on something or try to imitate Brit Hume. 

The first link on Google for Happy Hour Somewhere was to World of Warcraft....Teddy Bear would be so happy and Ruthless will think that is pretty cool. Or call me lame. Never sure with him. had a link to Happy Hour Studios. Very cool stuff. 

Wolfram Alpha only said it wasn't sure how to compute an answer from my input. Sheesh. Does not compute. Does not compute. How hard is it to compute Happy Hour Somewhere? Swizzle me that, Batman. 

But Yahoo is now my new best friend. I was the first hit on Yahoo~! Even before the World of Warcraft link. I am so jazzed. 

Okay, I realize I am easily amused and entertained. 

I don't think too many people care who Peter Schiff is or why I think Goldman Sachs is the antichrist or why California is still headed for the crapper. I have learned so much from my blog friends and have had my views changed on many subjects. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. (And I better not hear any beyotch jokes, dang it.) 

I bet I can make you start snoring now...Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve, recast vs. reset...zzzzzzz. 

Did you fall asleep? I guess my Book Babe buddy was right.

I will be using my little gray cells to come up with a name for my new blog though because my geeky self is getting excited about the videos I can post with the new blog. 

Maybe I better check with Wolfram Alpha first. 

On second thought, maybe not. My new input will definitely not compute.

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Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I can't ever Google my real name because my last name is a common name with an unusual spelling so it always ask "Did you mean...?"

kys said...

I never did all those checks on my blog. I don't have the time. I'm too busy reading blogs.

Dual Mom said...

When I google my real name - first and last, the first 9 hits are actually me. No, I'm not famous. I just have a unique name combination. THAT is why I blog with a pseudonym. When I google my blog name it's the 7th hit.

Elliott said...

I chose well, most of the first page of Google is me, all me, baby!

And ghaaaaaauuuh, Ben Bernanke. I have an Economics Major crush on Ben Bernanke. By all means, tell me when you start the new blog.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@tattoos and teething rings...I have Googled my real name a few times. Sometimes I feel like that character James McAvoy plays in the movie "Wanted." No results when he Googles his name. sigh. It used to pop up when I was a PTA president though. I think those links are now long gone.

@kys...I love it. I SHOULD be busy working but I always seem to be playing on blogs and thinking of blogs, but then my nasty ol' job gets in the way.

@dual mom...I also do not use my real name. But so many people read my blog who know who I am. Oh well. I am really struggling with a new blog name. I want it to be memorable without being too lame. Thanks for the follow~!

Elliott...Yes, you have a very interesting blog name! See, now we can battle back and forth...I don't think much of Ben. But then I am a semester short of a degree in economics and that was two decades ago. I love reading all the econ blogs and once in a while even the major financial papers...ha, ha. JK. When I have it up and running I will email you the blog name.

Unknown Mami said...

I google everything, but it hadn't occurred to me to use the other engines. Gotta go!

@eloh said...

So after reading I didn't have the time or energy so I put it off till this morning.

Then I remembered that I had done this before and just about every comment you ever made comes back at you.

But what was not there a couple months ago was all the sites that have taken one of my posts and posted it!!! !!

Today I am going to try to do something about asking that it not be done.

I also seem to have a "related site" in a very unfriendly portion of the middle east....WHAT?

Aunt Juicebox said...

When I google my blog name I come up with posts from my blog. And after that, a bunch of stuff about people who love bacon. When I google my name, I get hits for other people, none are actually me.

Nezzy said...

Nope, never done that but I can't imagine many cowpatty surprises out there. Ya, think?

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend chalked full of blessings!!!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@eloh...Wait, you mean people are stealing your posts and posting them as yours??!! How did you find the related site? And what is it? Dang. Why does all this interesting crap happen to you?

Okay, I googled you and this weird site came up. Strange.

@aunt juicebox...Like I said, I think I am just easily amused. It's fun to see your blog name come up when you google it. Or Yahoo it...Yahooed? Sounds kinda a hillbilly.

@nezzy...Well, I googled you can came up right away on google, but, alas, you also do not compute on Wolfram Alpha.

Elliott said...

Funny, I'm about a semester shy of my Econ degree, too, should have had it 16 years ago. Even that wouldn't have done anything for me, since I doubt I had the motivation back then to continue on and get my PhD so I could actually do something related to Economics.

And whether or not I agree with Ben's fiscal policy, I get a nerd-on anytime anyone does something with their Economics degree other than ask 'Would you like fries with that?'

Michelle H. said...

I've googled my blog name but never Binged it. I come up at the top. As for my name, there are so many like me I feel pretty insignificant.

MaryRC said...

oh yea research baby... my name links mostly to me or old ladies, no harm there..

L said...

I warn you now...DO NOT Google Tampons & Chocolate. Although my blog site comes up first now, there is a listing just below mine regarding a "chocolate tampon" that you do not want to read or know about, as it will burn a vision into you brain that you will not be able to get out. I repeat, DO NOT Google Tampons & Chocolate...I'm warning you...don't do it...stop...NO! DON'T DO IT!!!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Oh lord. L, you are sooooo mean. I am restraining myself with what little self control I have not to Google and check out the second entry for Tampons and Chocolate. You will hear about it if I do~!

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Anonymous said...

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