Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take That~!

Do you talk while you are watching movies in the theater? Do ya? Do you crackle and rattle your candy wrappers at the quietest moment in a movie? Can't sit still through an entire movie and not have to get up over and over? 

Well, then don't sit next to Teddy Bear. Or around her. Okay, just stay the hell out of the theater when she is there. 

I bought the DVD "Up" yesterday and I wanted her to watch it because she missed it when it first came out. But all I could hear was clickety clackety as she updated Facebook and My Space, got up and down to get something, left lights on all over the house. She drove me nuts because I thought the movie rocked. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about the time we had gone to the movies together. I don't even remember the movie but the theater was not that busy. We sat in my favorite row, the first row with the barrier in front of it. It is not so close that you get a crick in her your neck but close enough. And I can stretch my short little legs out on the bar in front of me. Ah, I love it. 

We sit down and watch all the previews and what not. Some guy sitting in front of us, across the walkway, kept texting on his cell phone. The little blue light kept lighting up which was annoying the hell out of me because I LOVE previews. Finally, the house lights go out and the movie starts. He keeps texting and texting and texting. Now, remember there are not too many people in the theater. I am trying to watch the beginning of the movie when all of a sudden something flies across the theater and hits the texting man! Whoa. Who threw that? 

Ummmm...Teddy Bear. He looks around as if to complain but then sees Teddy looking right at him as if daring him to say something. He put his phone away. There is no way on god's green earth I could ever do that. I ask her what she threw at him.  Skittles, she says. 

Dang. I knew candy was good but I never thought it could be used as a silencer.  

I guess the next time I want her to watch a movie with me, I am going to have to drag her to the show with me. 

But the next time we watch a movie at home...I'm packing Skittles.  

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Phoenix said...

LOL this story is hilarious! I would never have the guts to chuck a hard piece of candy at someone in the theater...that girl is brave!

UP is such a good movie, should definitely toss some skittles at her if she didn't like it :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

That's so funny!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Oh yes, I have thrown popcorn at jerkoffs who can't SHUT UP in a theater. I've also turned around and looked dead at them for kicking my seat and what not. Usually they are embarrassed enough to stop whatever they are doing, but half the time they don't, or are too far away for me to have good aim. That's why typically I just don't go to the theater anymore. I <3 Netflix.

Elliott said...

I have to ask, did she chuck a single candy or the bag as a whole?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@phoenix...I know! She is a lot braver than me. I love the movie "UP".I am going to make her watch it with me again.

@tattoos...Thanks! I need to post a picture of Teddy to really give you the full effect. She weighs less than 100 pounds but is about 5'4" and I think beautiful (can you tell I'm the mommy?) but very, very feisty. She has some presence though!

@aunt juicebox...Wow, I need to see a movie with the both of you with me. I can pay for admission and you guys can be the bodyguards. LOL.

@elliott...I'm not real sure how many she threw but you could hear them "skittling" all over the theater...I think one even hit his phone. Boy, you just reminded me though. I was in the movies when a couple of boys tried to sneak in and a HUGE guy stood up (the movie was running by this time) and yelled at the boys, "Get the fuck outta of here!" I have never heard an audience in a movie clap so hard.

Harlem's A Hatin said...

Awesome story, gooooo Teddy Bear! Love that video to. I've never seen a many milked before LOL.

Southern Sage said...

I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeee noisy folks when I'm trying to watch a movie!!

Dual Mom said...

Teddy Bear ROCKS! That is so awesome.

I'm with Aunt Juicebox in that I don't go to theatres anymore. NONE of my friends will go with me because I've embarassed them all at some point in time by telling people to shut the hell up or shut their fucking phone off. I feel like such a loser going to a movie by myself.

adrienzgirl said...

I hate it when people are rude at the movie theater. I'm like I just paid $10 a person to get in here, and I spent way too much on soda and popcorn. Shut the effin hell up. If you want to talk, wait for the effin DVD release!!!

Karen Carter said...

I say if they are chatting they deserve the skittle to the head! But I was sad to find out we can never sit together? I have to be back row! no one kickin my seat and my eyes are better. (plus no skittles coming my way) very funny post!

Kitty Moore said...

very amusing!

The Peach Tart said...

He deserved it.

MJ said...

Impressive aim, I say! Hitting something as itty bitty as a Skittle takes skill. I'd probably have missed the first four or five times. Time to practice my Skittle flinging, I think.

kys said...

That's funny! I would never do that.

Unknown Mami said...

That would make a great ad for Skittles.

matron said...

I gave up going to the cinema years ago,could not enjoy the films because of the distractions mentioned in your post.The last time i went I was sitting next to a fella who spent the whole time coughing and spitting,i got up and left,never been again since.
Thanks for dropping by the castle,feel free to join the party any time.

Moogie P said...

Great story! I'm too damn cheap, though, to do a Skittles hurl. If I had TB's moxie, I'd save the Skittles and throw the empty wrapper. She's gutsy, but young yet. She'll learn to gauge her ammunition.

Just Playin' said...

That's wild! I can just see it now. We usually rent movies but if I actually pay big bucks to GO to the movies it better be quiet in there. I mean, Really!!! Come on!
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Eva Gallant said...

Oh my! I love Teddy Bear. She can come to the movies with me anytime! That is awesom!

Eva Gallant said...

whoops. awesome.

and thanks for visiting my blog...come back again anytime!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@sage...Teddy can be a hoot, that is when I don't want to take an exchange her for two puppies~!

@dual mom...You and Teddy would be a good team. I do go to the movies by myself is so weird. I like to talk about the movie after it is all over and you truly look weird when you talk to yourself. Not that I do that.

@adrienzgirl...Movies here cost $11.50 at night to see and popcorn is a major rip off, so I really want everyone to be quiet, so when they aren't,I always want to ask them where their money tree grows.

@karen carter...I don't remember the last time I sat in the back of the theater. I guess you and Nancy will have to go together~! Casey and I will wave hi to you guys!

@kitty moore...thanks for dropping by and I thought it was pretty funny, too. Well, after I realized he wasn't going to get up and yell at us!

@the peach tart...I wish everybody could get what they deserved! LOL.

@MJ...I never thought of that...I have no hand/eye coordination at all. I would have to throw a handful and hope some made it.

@kys...The most I can do is to tell kids kicking my seat behind me to knock it off but even that is getting harder because the PARENTS get mad~!

@unknown mami...That would a good ad! Toss the rainbow idea. hee, hee.

TONI B. said...

hahaha... I would never have had the guts to throw something at somebody's head! That is too funny.

L said...

I love Teddy Bear! She's my kind of girl! I always get the fucking kid that has to put his feet on the back of my chair or bump it in some way at least 57 times thruoughout the movie. I have had to turn around and give the little tikes my evil glare that says, "Sit your little ass down before I break your legs off!" Usually works, but there are always those that are as dumb as their parents. I don't know if I'm brave enough to throw something, but I do like Teddy Bear's ability to do so.

@eloh said...

Excellent story, I love your girl.

I've started an awful habit of getting on line and reading but not signing on.

Have you hit on a name yet?

funderson said...

GEEZ! I HATE cell phones, but love Skittles!

Sandi said...

My first date with my husband was a movie and he talked during it. It was almost the last date!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Sandi, I can so relate. Early in our courtship, I took Fred to see Gone With the Wind. (Rereleased in the 70's.) He hated it and talked all the way through it, actually mocking the actors. I was in tears when we left the theater, and vowed to never again see a movie with him.
Yeah. We saw The Blindside today. Christmas Carol last week. New Moon will be next.
Can I borrow Teddy, please?