Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do You Have a Rubik's Cube Brain?


If you even got through more than one minute of this tutorial, you did better than me. When I look at the Rubik's cube all scrambled, it is unfathomable to me that anyone can solve it. I know there are formulas and algorithms to solve this puzzle but it makes my head hurt to even think about it. Did you ever take an IQ test where they test your spatial ability? They will have a picture of gears and pulleys and they show you the first gear and from there you have to figure which direction the last gear will turn? It is kind of like those elaborate Rube Goldberg set ups. When I would take tests like that in school, I would just fill out a pretty pattern in the Scantron answer sheet. "Let me see, I have not filled in a 'B' bubble in a while."

I had a discussion with Casey and her hubby about how men and women for the most part are different when it comes to stuff like this. He said he could do these kinds of puzzles, they were no problem for him. So do you think that men and women have different abilities when it comes to stuff like this? I believe that the exception proves the rule. My older daughter could have been a math teacher she was so good at it and her senior math teacher wanted her to go on with studying the subject, but she really had no interest in that at the time. Would she have gone on to be an engineer? An architect? Those are all so 3 dimensional but very mathematical, too. Or maybe it's physics that is more important for these fields. It is not a field populated with many women for the most part and you have to wonder why.

I like reading, I like words. I would rather listen to music. My brother is a total geek. I am not sure of the last book he read that did not have the word Linux in the title. My poor SIL accidentally told him that she would rather he build a computer. I started to laugh and asked her if she realized the can of worms she had just opened?!!! She is so quick though. She said that for every dollar he would spend on a computer, she could spend five dollars on clothes! HAHAHA. I loved it.

Now, I know the president of Harvard was drummed out of Harvard because he made the comment that studies show that men and women might just have different types of brains. He did not say it, he was quoting a study, but they drove him out anyways. I loved the feminists' response to this though. When they interviewed a women who was there, she said she was so outraged she ran out of the room CRYING. Okay, is that not such a female response? Does she even know how stupid she sounded when she is crying because someone said something kind of mean about how female brains might be different? Come on, when men get upset, not too many of them cry about it for pete's sake. Especially not at a conference with your peers.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows how to solve the Rubik's cube, I am open to lessons. Well, after a few drinks anyways.


Casey said...

You know Joe could do it......cause's he's Willey E. Coyote, super genius!

Casey said...

As for me... screw it! I'm leaving the room in tears :(

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Well, you know, Roadrunner, you could always drop an anvil on his head... I think the number is 1-800-555-ACME.