Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, gross!

Okay, my old keyboard totally grossed out my sister-in-law.
The A and S keys are totally gone. Yes, those are holes in the keyboard and the other picture shows keys where the letters are rubbed off. If you sit at my computer, you better know your keyboard by touch and not sight. And, you can't see it, but there are other keys that are slowly getting worn down and will soon look like the A and S keys.

I sit at my computer probably 8 to 10 hours a day five days a week, sometimes six. You would think I would be a great typist by now, but I suck. I am constantly having to backspace. (I'm surprised that key is not totally disintegrated.) I always tell everyone if they want to get ahold of me, the best way is through e-mail. My daughter can type like a bat out of hell. I am always jealous watching her type.

I have been doing medical transcription for almost 12 years now. I love what I do. It is a challenging job but sitting on my arse all the time is starting to drive me nuts. I work at home in a bedroom converted to an office. I get to work in my jammies all day long. Sounds good until you open the door at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and people look at you strangely. It takes me a minute to realize I am still in sweats and t-shirt and looking pretty mangy. They probably cannot figure out how the divorced lady can stay home all day long and obviously do nothing. I wish I knew what they thought I did for a living~!

I have head phones on my head probably a good 6 hours a day and my glasses have made an indent on the my temple area from being squished against my head day after day. I have a sign on my door that says to "Please Ring the Doorbell" because I never hear people knocking on the door.

I have managed to avoid carpal tunnel because I do these really goofy looking exercises during the day. It really is nice working alone sometimes. I have an exercise I do that you probably did as a kid making fun of the kid who wore glasses. You know making your fingers in the shape of glasses and putting them over your eyes. You can do all kinds of things you could never do in a workplace. I cannot imagine having a boss again. But never say never I guess.

I get to be on the internet all day long because it is a great research source. Just today I had to look up myxopapillary ependymoma, intraoperative monitoring, etc. The downfall, of course, to having such easy access to the internet is being distracted. Casey makes fun of me saying, "Look a bright shiny object!" It is so true though. What has made it really bad recently has been this blogging! I want to play all day long doing just this and looking at other people's blogs and researching stuff to write about.

I know JuJuBees will enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

You know, I have this obsession, once I start a pen, I have to use only that pen and I use it all up. No one else can touch the pen, because I want to be the one who finshes it. God forbid if I lose the damn thing. I'll spend twenty minutes crawling around on the floor looking for it. People ask me "why don't you just get a new one?"
And once again this &%$^@& stupid thing won't let me post with a name.

And now I ask you, kath, why don't you just get a new one? Put that poor keyboard out of its misery! I feel like coming over with a Kazoo and playing Taps as we bury the thing in the backyard.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Well, that is my old one. I use my new one that Ky helped me set up. To be honest, I think that will like the other one in about a year or so.

You know what I hate is when you are using a pen and you can SEE it has a ton of ink left but it will NOT write no matter what you do. All my red pens do that and it drives me insane. I have a thing about my red pens. There is a brand that I cannot use because their red ink looks like dried blood or weird rust.

Sigh, I think we are sister neurotics.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

By the way to post with your blog name, under the drop down menu is the option for Google account. Leave your comment (which I love by the way), pick Google account to post as, then hit the Post Comment button. It will take you to the sign in window where you enter your email, you know, where are my gummy bears and then enter your password and hit okay. It will then post your comment under your blog name.

Karen Carter said...

Ok I have spent a hour getting caught up on your blogs! and I have to say BRAVO!! You are keeping your resolution and I am a happy reader. Your desription of your attire had me giggling. I am coming by someday soon for a photo....Love ya Karen~

Casey said...

GROSS!!! I agree with Julie! Please let her come over and bury it! I just want to hear her play "Taps" on a kazoo!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Okay, JuJuBeez, Casey wants to hear you play "Taps" on the kazoo. I think it would be funny if you did the chicken laying an egg sound, too.

It is not entirely my fault about the keyboard. When I first learned to type it was on a really old fashioned typewriter, you know where you could watch the keys fly up and hit the paper. Well, my pinkie was never strong enough to send the A key and the P key to have it reach the paper~! Or if it made it to the paper, it was so soft that you could barely see it. So, I would use my ring fingers to do those keys and I would BANG on those keys. Bad habits die hard. God help me, when the electric typewriter came out, it was a disaster for me. I would look up and have a whole row of A's or P's. That is why I love computers, it is only a keystroke to fix a boo boo.