Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009~!

Monty Python's Holy Grail

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. I spent it with friends. We have spent the last few New Year's with them. We had a good time playing cards, laughing, and talking. We played the card game "31" and I won~! I left the pot of fifteen cents there though. Don't want to start the New Year by being greedy you know. I only wish ALL our friends could have been there. Sigh. Only a few more weeks in isolation and she gets sprung. We cannot wait....hurry home, Nancy, we miss you.

To my crazy sister-in-law and her friend, thanks for the phone call at 1:30. It was a great way to start the New Year. I had just walked in the door and managed to stumble upstairs to my room when they called to tell me that they had a Breathalyzer (?) and they blew 0.15. Good thing they were not driving~! They were having way too much fun and they wanted me to drive down to San Diego to join them. We spent the next 15 minutes laughing so hard I am sure I had to have awoken my daughter. I really wanted to call bright and early the next morning to find out how bad the hangovers were but I slept in until 12 o'clock! That is so weird. I seem to wake up automatically at about 4:45. My hangover was only moderate but I never made it out my jammies. I have had my own personal Star Wars marathon going, saw episodes 4, 5, and 6.

I called my mom and dad in the Valley to wish them a Happy New Year. It was maddening though. My mom had made enchiladas and potato salad and menudo and all kinds of good food. A few of my cousins had just dropped by, so she could not talk long. It sounds like they were headed for a great New Year's Day.

I love this scene in the Holy Grail with the Black Knight. My favorite line: "It's only a flesh wound." As we say good bye to 2008, I want to say the year only suffered a flesh wound but the irony is there. I mean, he does get all his limbs hacked off in the scene, but somehow manages to keep babbling on. Is the year 2009 going to be the Black Knight or King Arthur on his bizarre quest? I mean, he does not even have a proper horse, his little sidekick uses coconut shells to simulate the sound of a horse galloping along. But the Black Knight is left pretty helpless but thinks he is doing just fine, thank you very much.

Monty Python "Always Look at the Bright Side of Life" from the movie Life of Brian.

So, for 2009 we should always look on the bright side of life. I wish good health and happiness to all my family and friends.

Happy New Year~!


Karen Carter said...

You call Debbie and tell her you were not thinking clearly because of all the drinks and you do want that 15 cents after all!! Silly girl left your fortune behind.And secondly homemade enchiladas? how far away does your mom live? Glad you all had fun and that you slept in like a teenager. Good for you! Cant wait until the book babes are all together again....soon Happy New Year Karen~

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the phone call Kath. But, you have to admit, it's kind of sweet that even drunk as we were Manalle and I thought of you. Just to let you know, no one else was called past 12:00.

I agree with you about 2008 limping its way out. Who knows what 2009 holds for us. I just thank God I didn't break the baby Jesus when I fell into Manalle's fireplace. I might as well pack it all in at that point. I think Impaling the baby and manger between your butt crack is a sin, but I'm not sure. Man, how many hail Mary's would that take?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I think trying to deliberately break one of the wise men was truly funny just to make you feel better. It is somewhat appropriate though that she picked a wise man to try to decapitate--our wise men today deserve no less.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I agree, start with Arnold and work our way up. It still won't let me post my name. I have to be anonymous. Maybe it's a sign.

Julie said...

Sigh, okay, I'm a hopeless spaz. I can't find my blog again.