Saturday, January 31, 2009

What Would Carrie Do?

Women Working in the Big City in the 1930s

What are the odds? I am sitting here at 5:30 in the morning and have been up since about 2:30. I have a sore throat and my ears hurt a little, but I don't feel sick. I have not been sick since 2005. I got a horrible cold and cough right after my daughter's wedding. But this sore throat caused me to miss lunch and a movie with friends. I had so been looking forward to seeing everyone but I did not want to give anyone my cooties. I think they saw "New in Town."

I was playing on the Internet at 2 in the morning and reading all my favorite blogs and websites when I stumbled across this video called "The Bailout Rap." Well, as it always goes, it led me to You Tube where I spent the next few hours playing and finding all kinds of videos.

Stockbroker Gregg Somerville

So I started to think about a post when I popped over to Karen's blog and, lo and behold, she has a new post on New York City~! Sheesh. I had been thinking about New York, the economy and Wall Street and, of course, Sex and the City. I have every season on DVD, so I am a fan of the show, but looking back you realize what a reflection it is of the boom years in Wall Street and New York City. They do have this insufferable attitude that they live in the center of universe and things are different there. They WERE the Masters of the Universe, Harvard and Ivy League graduates who were SO smart they deserved all the money they raked in. You know, people like John Thain and his entitlement mentality, and his commode that cost $35,115. Thain's Throne indeed. The empreror truly is naked.

Real estate never goes down there, salaries are huge, perks are the norm. Did you read the book "The Nanny Diaries"? There was no one truly likable in the book, even the main character was not. I have a feeling they are feeling it now. It would be nice to visit New York and have it actually be an affordable place, where a damn drink did not cost $18.00 and you could maybe afford to go to a show and enjoy the incredible sights that are there. I would think that New Yorkers themselves would want that, so they could afford to live there and actually have a life. Probably not because they do love their rent control.

I guess there is a new blog out about Wall Street wives and girlfriends who suddenly are not feeling the joy. Their significant others are getting creamed in the Wall Street fiasco. No more fancy spas, credit cards cut off, trips canceled, no Hampton trip.

I love to hear about people who have made it and are living a life they worked hard to get. I am not a knee jerk hater of CEOs. At least, I did not used to be. Bill Gates' story is awesome, Steve Jobs and Apple, Fred Smith and FedEx. They are all examples of people who earned their money.

How many hard working people do you know who are worried about their job and who have already lost their job?


Karen Carter said...

You are so smart!
That is the theme when I read your blog. How knowledgable you are about finances and the economy.Very well read girl!! And did we ever miss you too! It wasnt the same without Kathys laugh and fun. We had a great visit though and Nancy looks AMAZING! The movie was 'cute' Lets plan another play date soon. Feel better Momma would tell you to swallow a clove of garlic! xoxo Karen~

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I so missed you guys~! But I would have felt terrible getting Nancy sick. Like I said, I don't feel sick but my throat does hurt. I cannot wait to see her and I bet you guys were the best "medicine."