Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Soldier's Embrace

Happy Hour: What are you wearing? 

Muse: *not so very nice look* Why don't you tell me what I'm wearing. 

HH: Me? Why would I know? 

Muse: Because this is your fantasy. You started fantasizing after reading this book and then the next thing you know, I'm dressed like the next member of The Village People. 

HH: Hey, that's Clint Eastwood! You take that back. That man melts my butter. 

Muse: You do know that he is now a geezer? 

HH: You are totally going to be eating that cigar in a minute.

Muse: This wool thing is itchy. Can I take it off? 

HH: Yeah, that look doesn't do you justice. You are more the white toga, hemlock sucking kind of guy.

Muse: I can leave you know. 

HH: Whatever. 

Muse: It was kinda of funny. Like Miss Piggy.

HH: What!! You are comparing me to Miss Piggy? 

Muse: *skipping away* Tut, tut. I'm your know you can't hurt me. Don't you watch TV?


Muse: Do all women do this? 

HH: Do what? Stick a cigar up their muse's butt?

Muse: Fantasize about a character they have read about?

HH: Oh, but Lt. Ryan is so hot. Cavalry, tall, handsome...It is called "A Soldier's Embrace", so I was just taking it to its logical conclusion. *sigh*

Muse: *gagging noise*

HH: The book is so good. You start and before you know it, it is chapters and chapters past the time to make dinner.

Muse: You are so jealous.

HH: I know. I am a baby writer, a wannabe. 

Muse: You should see her muse. 

HH: Really? Tell me, tell me.

Muse:  Sorry, no can do. Muse union rules. I'd have to kill you.

HH: Well, I'm just going to call her and ask.

Muse: That's cheating. 

HH: I just think you should read her book. 

Muse: I have read it. Very good, very good. But that is what they do with good stuff....they publish it. 

HH: Can I fantasize about being J.K. Rowling and being worth a billion bucks?

Muse: You just want to hang around Hogwarts. 

HH: I just want everyone I know to run out and read my sister-in-law's book. 

Muse: Shameless plug. *tut, tut*

HH: I know...but her book is sooooooooo good and I know they will like it.

Thank you all for listening in and my marvelous, funny, charming, red-headed sister-in-law has written an awesome book and I just want to shout it to the whole world.

Muse: Man, you need a soapbox or something.

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@eloh said...

I bothers me than people come up with some lame idea... and become multi millionaires seemingly overnight. ie..kid wizards and sunshine vampires...what next... a turd that talks..Oh wait..been done.. Hiddy Ho Mr. Hanky

adrienzgirl said...

That was a great convo. Damn muse union rules! I wanted to know what the hell JK Rowling's muse looked like!

Elliott said...

I've always wanted to be Clint Eastwood, initially because of that film and eventually because of all the other westerns.

My muse is on hiatus, frequently making appearances long enough for me to get half a page written before leaving for a massage or racquetball match.

Aunt Juicebox said...

You have a muse? I need one of those...

Red Writer said...

Thanks for the plug! Very nice of you. Love the muse idea. :)

TC said...

I had a muse for painting, never considered one for writing because I don't consider myself a muse would be an evil little urchin. A young Clint could melt any females wax!!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Ah, so Red Writer, one of my newest followers, is your sister-in-law! And the name of the book?
(Sorry to kill any images, but do you know who graces the current copy of AARP magazine? Your dear OLD Mr. Eastwood!)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oops! Boo-boo! Red Writer is NOT a follower of my blog, for clarification, but did make a recent comment; sorry!

Phoenix said...

LOL this is so cute! What a great way to plug a book :)