Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hey, Bonnie, I Want My Hog Dog and Root Beer!

Thursday was the last taping day for The Bonnie Hunt Show, so, of course, we went trekking out to Culver City for the last time this season. We were trying to remember all the guests we had seen but seeing as how the early stages of geezerhood are setting in, it was difficult.

You have to wait outside on the sidewalk to check in with Marcus. He is a doll. He said he was going to the beach this summer and do nothing but get a tan which he totally deserves. So, we are standing in line with at least 120 other people. (Being that my tag was #119 and Townsie had #120. Aren't I smart?) For the first time I parked on the street right where we were standing in line which was kind of cool. Everyone is friendly in line because of course we are all there to see Bonnie. Suddenly, I hear yelling and there is a commotion. A lady wearing jeans, a white shirt, long black hair is yelling at the people in front of us because they are not moving out of the way fast enough to make room for the man with her who is in a wheelchair. He is pretty twisted up in his wheelchair, long gray shaggy hair, but he is maneuvering that chair well to get around us and the tree. As they pass us, she is SCREAMING and cussing but it doesn't sound Spanish to me, but whatever language it is, she is pissed. She is waving her arms around and acting all agitated. They get about 50 feet past us, right next to my car damnit, and she is still yelling. Everyone in line is now looking at her like she is nuts, which in retrospect was probably not the best thing to do to a crazy person. But what we realize is that the man in the wheelchair has jet propelled himself down the street and is a dot on the horizon. He was not even with her.

She crosses the street, walks down the street and I think she is gone, but no, she ends up going the other way on the sidewalk swearing at us the whole way. Now I think she is gone. What was I thinking. We hear a big diesel work truck come tearing down the street. Townsie said it sounded like it hit something as it turned the corner. It is the crazy lady driving. She is honking her horn, still yelling, driving down the middle of the street like a bat out of hell. We were all hoping she did not turn around and plow us under. The cute little security guard tried to get the plate number but only managed to get the last 4 numbers. Hard to tell because I could barely understand his English either. Poor Karen missed all that excitement as she was stuck on the 405 freeway.

We finally get in, get our purses and bags searched, go through the metal detector and go to the benches they have right outside the studio to wait. It really is so sad to me that I have no pictures to show you. They had a cute hot dog cart set up outside with all the fixings which was something new. I was SOOOO hungry, again. Normally, they pass out the hot dogs and root beer as you walk in to get seated. Being the baby that I am I always whine that I don't want mustard or ketchup, especially the ketchup. This time, we wait and wait as always, walk in but no hot dogs. The show is about to start and still no hot dogs. We got separated so I am sitting with Townsie and we are both starving. Hebrew National is the new provider or sponsor or something and they were going to film them passing out the hot dogs first. But they didn't tell us that, so when they finally pass them out and I start eating mine, the warm up guy says wait, don't eat. What?? At this point, I don't care, I start picking pieces of my dog and eat anyways. I know damn well they are not going to film me.

The show finally starts and we saw Dick Van Dyke who stayed for the segment where Bonnie talks to her mother, Alice, which was hysterical. Alice tried to pick up Dick. It was so cute. Then we saw Common, a rapper, who is in the movie Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale and then Dick Van Dyke sang with his group and we got a CD.

All in all, it has been a fabulous season going to see Bonnie. Maybe we can get her to come out to Temecula. It would be fun to show her the wineries and Old Town and try to find a good dog. Probably end up at Costco. They have the best hot dogs. Gotta show those Hollywood folk what good food is all about.


Jeanne said...

Ahhhh you made me miss Temecula! Sometimes I forget how much I loved that area and then I'm reminded by a familiar land mark.

I think Costco sells Nathans, isn't that right? Yummy stuff,those.

And I love Bonnie Hunt. Did you ever watch Return To Me? She was in that movie. I think she directed it, or produced it. Her interaction with Mr. Belushi is too funny.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I think Costco does Hebrew National but since I am going tonight because old Mother Hubbard needs food, I will check for sure. Bonnie Hunt Show is so much fun to go to. Great people. Costco had Return to Me for sale a while back and I bought it and I think I have watched it about 10 least. I loved it. It is so funny to me that 2 of the actors in it now work with her on her show, so everytime I go, I see them~!

Memorial Day was okay. Did you do anything fun?

Jeanne said...

We did! We took Tim to the park which of course is the best. The same people with the same dogs come at the same time, so it's a fun group. He played hard for two hours and got all his energy out. Then we just came home and had fun swimming for about two hours and BBQ'd. Mmmm..burgers on the grill are the best. Had all the fixin's to go with it(watermelon, red potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, brownies and vanilla icecream....mmmmmm) and then just rested. Did watch the Laker game but they lost horribly (I could go on and on about that loss but I won't!)

What'd you do?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Wait...okay, now I can talk. I had to wipe the drool off my chin after reading what you had for your BBQ. I am so hungry right now just thinking about it. On Sunday I went to a friend's house and let us just say Teddy Bear had to drive me home. Sheesh. So on Monday, when I wanted to work to play catch up, my head was still wobbly and I ended up staying home and watching a lot of Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon where they move into their new mansion. Dang. That place was awesome. Too bad it is getting all kinda sordid.

Poor Lakers. What the heck happened to them?

namaste said...

i was really nervous reading about the crazy lady. at first i thought something was going to happen to your car. and then i thought she was going to hit some one.

i love bonnie hunt. i especially loved her in jerry mcguire.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Namaste--I was totally worried that she would come back and bash into my car but I think she knew the guard was looking to get her plate number and call the police. It is really weird to see someone so totally out of it and we weren't even on Hollywood Blvd~!

Bonnie is a blast and if you ever get out here, we should go! Dang, another movie I need to see. I own so many movies but my friends are true movie buffs and can name so many movies I have never seen. It is frustrating. I am even learning to like subtitles. See, I'm getting edumacated.

Jeanne said...

Forgot the mango salsa. Do you like it? I have a killer recipe for it. Seriously. And so easy to make. MMMMMMM!!!!

Fatigue and playing in the thin air of Denver happened, low energy and effort plus lots and lots of help from the refs. I'm not one to pin a loss on the refs but this time - this time it was crazy. A player purposely tripped Kobe and nothing was called. Everyone saw it - even the commentators said it was a cheap, dirty play. Phil Jackson said something about it in his press conference, and I bet he gets fined for it. Refs were just so inconsistant, and when they call something like a whisper on an eyelash on your team but nothing on the other team, it starts affecting your playing. Just another NBA inconsistancy. I'm sick of it.

L said...

I liked your description about the crazy lady. I hope it wasn't the guy in the wheelchair that the truck hit!! HA! Tapings are always a lot of fun! And what's wrong with ketchup and mustard? I love them both together on hot dogs.