Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turning Lead into Gold

I get asked all the time what Twitter is and why do I use it. It is hard to explain to someone especially if they don't even blog. Explaining blogging to people who don't blog or read blogs is hard, too. I loved the earthquake example Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, gives in this clip.

On Thursday, we went to the last taping day for The Bonnie Hunt Show. BFF had her friend, ummm, trying to think up a name for her because she was absolutely hysterical. She was telling us stories about her sister meeting her new husband online, about her slightly nutty mother who dresses all prim and proper but apparently has no inner censor. She is a natural storyteller and I laughed the whole way into Culver City. I was telling her that she needs to start a blog and get these stories out there. It is hard to convince people they can stay anonymous if they want, that you don't need to use real names. Kinda like a Dragnet thing, "Names have been changed to protect the innocent" or whatever it is he used to say.

She asked me about my Facebook account because she said I was the winner for posting to Facebook. I truly have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I guess because I have no desire to find friends from my high school years, it is kind of silly to me. I love the serendipity of finding people on Twitter and in the blog world. I told her that I rarely post directly to Facebook but have my Twitters go into Facebook, which leads to some fairly strange entries. She could not figure out why someone would do that. I know if she were to start a blog, she would totally get it, but she just got rid of dial-up, so she has not played in the internet world too much.

Off to find a clip of Dick Van Dyke because he was on Bonnie's show and he sang with his quartet the Vantastics and we all got his CD~! He was such an incredible guest. It was hard to believe he is 83 years old. The man never stays still, constantly dancing or moving. And I loved that he was wearing tennis shoes.

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