Friday, May 1, 2009

SighWTF Life Twitter

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's not for lack of ideas, I have had one idea after another pop in but I have been behaving like I have OCD playing with Twitter. CollegeHumor made me wake up to just how silly it can be. I mean, look, at my Twitter name...sighWTF. Sigh. HAHAHA.

Twitter is definitely bad news for people with short attention spans. You only have 140 characters to say something. It is really hard to be boring when you need to be spiffy and concise. It is possible. I have deleted some people who tweet and tweet and tweet and tweet and never seem to say anything. But it is absolutely fascinating the people who are on Twitter and some of them follow you back. I follow the extreme right, the middle, the left and those in the outfield. I just started following Karl Rove. Yes, the diabolical mastermind behind Bush, and he follows me back~! (I'm going to have to see if Rahm Emanuel twitters; I need to follow all diabolical masterminds.) But I also follow George Stephenopolous or however you spell his darn name. I follow anarchists and Republicans. I follow a few musicians and some of my favorite bloggers.

Teddy Bear thinks I'm crazy. I told her that I had embarrassed myself to no end by Twittering something to Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails when he said something funny. She got so exasperated. "What is twittering?" She had no idea what Twitter was. The My Space queen. She lets me have a Facebook account, but I'm not allowed on My Space. She said it is not for grown ups. Whatever. I always assume this generation is computer savvy, but they can be as clueless as my mom. My mom still is not sure what clicking is and scrolling is an advanced concept. My daughter has never run a scan on her computer...EVER. I have to get in there on a regular basis and clean her laptop up. My brother, my computer guru, sometimes will take her computer home and he pats the laptop and tells it it will be okay. He is appalled by what she does to it sometimes.

EvilBankersDouble-talking douchebag Barney Frank stands in the way of a Fed™ Audit: #distraction #vague #obfuscate

LonsI have had this Slap Chop remix stuck in my head ALL DAY: Help me...weirdnewsRepairman accused of peeping at woman in shower USB Drives! Imagine if this customer ( had used one - oh, the irony.

These are sample tweets from just the people I follow. You notice they have links to articles, videos, blogs....oh my.

I will get my butt back in gear and blog this weekend. I have to write about gobstoppers, monster cakes, feathers, laundry....Sigh.

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namaste said...

twitter. huh. it is the ONE technological advance that i refuse to give in to. my oldest daughter swears by twitter, she loves it! my facebook and myspace accounts are practically defunct. so no use for me to join twitter.

there are so many dull people on twitter. like you said, you had to delete them cuz their tweets are boring.

lol! at what your daughter said to you about myspace. my daughters said the same thing, but i ignored them. haha!