Thursday, May 28, 2009

Seven Nation Army

Oak Ridge Boys doing a cover of the White Strips "Seven Nation Army." Me like.


@eloh said...

Hey, I really like that. Not what I expected from "the boys".

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@eloh When you get a chance pop into You Tube and watch the original by the White Stripes, and then for another amazing cover, find Johnny Cash singing "Hurt", which is a Nine Inch Nails song by Trent Reznor (who I am madly in love with). Johnny made that song his.

@eloh said...

Cash's song "Hurt" is what this made me think of. This song you have shown me the second such tune for this a trend coming?

Here's a thought...(my times may be off) In the early 90's, new bands took songs from the sixties and made themselves popular. For me, they butchered the songs and the music.

Now it seems to be happening in reverse. And I really like these new songs done by old artists. Do you suppose that the kids think the old guys are butchering "their" music?