Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robots are Fun

Oh man. I want one. I want one now. Does it come in pink? It has a camera in it and everything and can go anywhere. Imagine the possibilities moms. It boggles the mind.

Teddy Bear would on a regular basis yell from upstairs while getting ready for school. "Mom, where are my books." "Mom, where are my shoes." "Mom, where did I leave my frickin' mind?" I would yell back my answer. She would come down, eat breakfast, watch TV, play on the computer...and then tell me she did not find her shoes and, yes, before I yell she had looked. Honest. I would usually turn eight shades of red and ask her, "If I go upstairs, open your closet door, look on the floor and find your shoes, you are in so much trouble." She would time warp her way upstairs before I could get there and magically find her shoes. It never seemed to fail.

But think if I had a handy dandy robot to send on scouting trips to find crap? And a camera on board to beam to my laptop exactly where it was and what it found. Roseanne Barr used to say that her family thought of her uterus as a tracking device and once I got married and had kids I understood that joke. My little robot could be my mobile finderer, or whatever.

I wonder if it could locate my glasses which I lose all the time, usually because they are still my face or my car keys that the teenager takes? Perhaps I could hire it out as a sneaky little robot chaperone spying on the kids when they go out. Maybe it comes with a megaphone and everything.

Like I said it boggles the mind. I love science. I need to marry a geek the next time around.


namaste said...

my youngest daughter was the same way. she hated to look for ANYTHING! even when it was right under her nose.

yeah, i'll take my robot in lavender, thanks.


Jeanne said...

My youngest does the same thing. Do you suppose it's because of us? The youngest are typically the most helpless. We've done the shoes in the closet thing so many times I cannot tell you.


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

It seems to be a running theme here--the youngest seem to have selective vision. Actually, I call it laziness. I think Jeanne you are on to something. They know mom will find it faster and they only have to listen to mom blather and rant for a little while and it's over. My kids used to say I had x-ray eyes and eyes in the back of my head, with the robot it could almost be true~!