Friday, September 4, 2009

Smooching with a Frenchie

Book Babes had dinner with a Frenchie yesterday...and he was such a good smoocher. Well, at least he smooched one the of Book Babes.

Our Resident Chocoholic could not let this opportunity pass. He had such good manners. He was dressed so well...neck tie and all. He was with another woman, but as soon as she left to use the rest room, Choco moved in. It was shameless. Frenchie was all over her and she could not keep her hands off of him.

Ah well, bull dogs are stubborn and will do what they want. And I know better than to go around kissing strange Frenchmen. Especially one who licks himself. Although, come to think of it, Frenchie last night would probably look good in a Speedo. Those huge bat ears accentuate that funny curly cue tail.

We sat outside at Front Street Bar and Grill underneath a beautiful umbrella although it was a tad warm outside. They have the best burgers! They even brought a hamburger for Frenchie and served him water in a big plastic fancy salad bowl. He behaved better than a lot of people I know.

So we talked a little bit about the book...a very little bit...I think we mentioned the title.

We gabbed about BFF leaving for Italy in a week with her hubby, Wiley E. Coyote, his mom and his sister. Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. It is their 25th wedding anniversary.

We talked about the Wolfpack Librarian heading off to Nashville to be with her hubby...and being the always thoughtful and generous person she is, she brought me and The Greek early birthday gifts. Beautiful potted flowers and a gift card.

We laughed with the Greek and her stories of Brody the couch eater and bargains at the grocery store. (She had chocolate covered Altoids for 50 cents which, of course, went to RC.) She was telling us how she now sits in the back seat when her husband drives, Driving Miss Crazy, she called it.

Oh, the book by the way was Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin...such a cool story and one I definitely plan on finishing.



found your blog from HOUSEWIFE SAVANT. I love finding new blogs, and really LOVE your blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Come and give me a visit to follow and I'll return the favor!

@eloh said...

I love me some puppies...
Do give us a run down on the book when you finish, it looks good.

Karen Carter said...

oh how sweet of you to mention my post with a link. Maybe now I will get another follower since I am sooo jealous of all of yours! It was a fabulous book club with way too much fun. That Greek was out of control and the things that came out of her mouth! That was once cute pup and they dined so well the two of them. I loved seeing you girls. Always say you all are my therapy! Love and hugs Karen~

Captain Dumbass said...

I'd love to leave you with some witty comment, but I got nothing. My brain has taken the long weekend off.

Cute puppies.