Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Kiosk of Acne and Dueling Pianos

Back in downtown San Diego last night. 

Did you know that The Shout House has $1 beers during Happy Hour....all kinds of beer? I like beer but if I drink beer out in a place like this I get to know the bathroom better than the bar. Having a wee bladder is such a handicap. It's so bad, I get to know all the artwork in the bathrooms, the shapes of the tiles, the sinks with no soap.

We parked in the Horton Plaza parking lot and had to go into the mall itself to get our ticket validated. It has been such a long time since I have been at a mall and Horton Plaza is amazing. It is a 3 or 4-story outdoor mall with levels running all over the place like an Escher painting. 

We wandered around looking for the validation machine peeking into the windows at the cute clothes. I wish I was a size 6 again. Sigh. Oh. And had money to spend on clothes. 

JuJuBeez and I were having so much fun following my Baby Brother like puppies while he looked for the machine and then for an ATM. Do you know what I found? I had to take a picture because it just seemed so odd. 

What? A giant snack machine for acne medicine? I am so perplexed. Is this the wave of the future? I kept waiting for Jane and Judy Jetson to come flying in.

We walked to the Shout House and because we were early it was only a $5 cover charge. There a giant line of people across the street waiting for the Haunted Hotel on Market Street just around the corner. The Shout House is a dueling piano bar where you suggest songs for them to play and if you play the video you can see they are also naughty and like to embarrass the crap out of people.

Yes. I drank way too much and sang way off key and I think I was the oldest person there by a healthy margin. And I sent a drunk text picture to BFF's son, Ruthless, of the pianos and then meant to send him a second text to join us since his new GF lives in downtown, but I forgot to send the second message. All he got was a fuzzy picture of some pianos. Thank heaven he was actually back in Temecula and did not get the message right away. He already knows I'm kinda crazy.

Next time I go I need to have a list of songs to suggest. Some songs were so bad but the nice thing is you can pay them to stop singing it. Hee, hee. It became a battle for some people to get a song played. Beatle songs were a big hit...and those are older than me.

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Tammy Howard said...

Gee - I've just met you - it may be too early for true confessions - but a while back (think a couple decades) I had a crush on one of the piano players at our dueling piano bar. My girlfriends and I went EVERY Tuesday. Then I finally hooked up with him. And it was not all that. Sigh. (Those bars are fun!)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you had, I can just imagine.

@eloh said...

That put a smile on my face.

Glad you are out and about having a blast.

Christina said...

Oh my god, this sounds like a super fun night out!
Next time you go out: text me! :D

Harlem's A Hatin said...

An acne machine???? Crazy!!!

Ellie said...

Is that because it's so incredibly embarrassing to have to ask over the counter? When will haemorroid cream join the vending machine crowd?!

L said...

Oh, my gosh...I saw one of those things in Vegas last time I went and said, "Are you F'ing kidding me?" As if it's not bad enough that I have to see all their pimple commercials that they play at night when I'm watching reruns of That 70s Show. Do people really use those machines? I guess if the town ever gets looted, we can look forward to the looters having nice skin when all is said and done.

@eloh said...

When I was a little kid, I bought a kotex from a vending machine in the toilet at the State Capitol building cause it was a nickel and the only machines I had ever seen gave candy.

I thought it was like a big Zero bar....imagine my disappointment.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

@tammy...Every Tuesday!?? I love dueling piano bars...we always visit the one in Paris, Paris in Vegas when we go. Someone always ends up obliterated but they are so much fun.

@secretia...Thanks...I had a great time! My brother and his friends always make me feel heart anyway.

@eloh...A big Zero bar! Holy moly. That is beyond a disappointment. I was trying to find the picture my daughter took in Europe of the condom machines but I'm not sure she would be happy with me if I did that. I remember sneaking some lemon drop candy and having it to be butterscotch...I think that is the reason to this day I don't like butterscotch. Yuck.

@christina...I bet you would have had a blast! I love to send drunk texts unfortunately. People always think they are funnier drunk.

@harlem...I know, an acne machine, a pimple preventer peddler. It was so strange. Of course, I got a lot of strange looks for taking the picture.

@ellie...HAHAHA...hemorrhoid cream in a vending machine. Can you imagine the marketing for that? I guess it would be a hit in a retirement community. The local casinos I go to have places to deposit syringes...for the diabetics. Yikes.

@L...Looters going after pimple cream...hee, hee. Best looking thugs around I'll bet.