Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Swing Both Ways

I had no idea. 

Liar. I did. I always knew I could go either way. 

I can Go Geek and Hang with the Girls.

What?  What did you think I was talking about? 

Watching a trailer for 2012 and the geeky brother and his friend...are commenting on the great graphics and action. Lots of eye rolling from the wives. JuJuBeez and Ms. Shrink Lady. As if. 

Of course, they are still kind of miffed because they supposedly had a date night last week with the hubbies. They got all dressed up, did the make up and hair thing. They go to dinner and try to decide on a movie. Yeah, right. Action movies outta there. Chick flicks don't make it to first base. They bicker. And end up back at the house...and end up watching the Fast and the Furious and the girls fall asleep. HAHAHA. 

We are at dinner and one of TVs has a trailer for 2012. I think 2012 looks like it might be okay but the graphics look  so cool. Watching St. Peter's basilica roll over and crush everyone in the plaza was so cool. I know...I'm going straight to hell, but it was cool. I mean, the last earthquake here in California we got to watch freeways collapse and fall down. Ho hum. 

Anyway, the guys are going on about the movies and my SIL rolls her eyes and makes the comment about how like unreal it is that when they take off in a plane and they fly so close to the ground and it is all dramatic and unreal. Man, buzz kill. Without thinking, I remark, "Yeah, like the 'Time Traveller's Wife' story is so probable." 


"Hey, whose side are you on? You are supposed to be on our side~!"  I may be banished from hanging with the girls. Fine. The next sex toy party they have, I will leave my checkbook at home.

Dang. I like action/fantasy/sci-fi films. (By the way, Zombieland rocks). I love chick flicks and musicals.  Where do I fit in?  

Anybody in the market for a switch hitter? Anyone?


@eloh said...

CRAP CRAP CRAP...I just saw the 2012 trailer last night on TV.....I swear it made me wet.

Foil hat is ready and waiting.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OT but... Thanks for making a comment [in ABC blog] to my comment concerning; "Is there a place for Conservative Agnostics?"

Thanks especially for saying the following;
"...I get pretty tired of all the religion stuff seemingly being seen as defining for being a conservative. And this is not a slam to those who do believe...I just don't." Excellent way of putting it!

Interesting that the only one to say anything, about my question was... Another Conservative Agnostic. >,-)

Well, I guess we learned something... That there are at least 2 of us! LOL

TC said...

Loved it, I was raised by men in a mechanics garage (Ok just some of the time and my dad owned it) but I like man things too. Sometimes.


Aunt Juicebox said...

Uh, ok so I admit I'm drunk AND sick, so I can also admit, that if I didn't like the (expletive) so much, I'd totally bat for the other team. Whatever team that is.

Funny in my mind said...

That trailer scared the crap out of me. I like action movies but the ones like that give me nightmares and my life is enough of a bad dream sometimes. My husband will probably drag me to it though.

Red Writer said...

Okay, since I have a name I have to give you one. How about Bi? Would it be bad? I promise I won't yell it out in a crowded restarant or blab it to your mother. So, what do ya think?

and by the way, you'll never get kicked out, we'll always suck you back in, just like the mafia so don't think about it. Shrugs and twitches* I know a guy.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Whoa, this the first I've heard of this movie, and it looks fabulous. Independence Day and Jaws are in my top ten movie list, along with plenty of chick flicks so I guess I swing both ways, too. Wait'll I tell my hubby...

MaryRC said...

It looks like its the big california quake. no one likes to watch movies with me, I'm too busy watching for continuity, art direction, cinematography, etc. I've ruined my girlfriends. We walked out of a bond flick and Amy says, did you see that girl's lipstick? it was all over the place! I ususally try to keep my opinions to myself depending on company, because what i like my companions usually dont care for anyway. Twilights only saving grace was Rob's performance of Edward, otherwise the movie stunk, i did however go see it 4 times mind you.