Friday, April 10, 2009

Eye Candy and Chocolate

Las Vegas...ah, the things you see there. Gobbling our ice cream, we gawked at all the beautiful people, and laughed at all the tourists.

Once a year, all the women in the family used to go to Las Vegas for a long weekend. I loved planning these trips--picking the hotels, the shows we would see, the piano bar night at Paris, Paris, and, of course, lying around the pool and drinking all day. Since only a few of us gamble the hotel is a BIG deal. It has to be nice and fun to s
tay at. A few years ago we stayed at the Bellagio. What a beautiful hotel and beautiful pools, but for the chocolate lovers in our group, the best feature was the biggest chocolate fountain I have ever seen.

I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory Man, now I know how Augustus Gloop felt. Come on, just a taste. Please.

After spending a long time by the pool and then shopping and walking around the hotel, we stopped for dessert at the beautiful chocolate fountain place, which is at the corner of a long stretch of stores and on the way to the casino. (Well, as best as I can remember.)

JuJuBeez was telling us about how her mom, who was so incredibly beautiful, was taught the way for a woman to walk to strut her stuff. Peeps could have been a movie star. She said you had to walk with one foot right in front of the other and your knees should almost touch as you walked. Say what? You see, that way your hips really swayed and your fanny did that oh so nice wiggle. Honest, I tried. We all practiced doing the walk. I am sure we entertained the other people watchers. But flip flops and tennis shoes are not conducive to a sexy walk. (It is fun to walk like that wearing heels though. It really is a sexy walk.) So, we watched everyone and how they walked. Oh. My.

Here come the chubby ladies in their shorts and flip flops clumping along doing a duck walk. Then THEY came around the corner. Oh, yes. He was a handsome, distinguished older man, white hair and all. Beautiful suit, impeccably tailored. But, really, you hardly noticed him at all. On his arm was the best eye candy. She was tall, blond, beautiful. Serious eye candy and she was literally on his arm. Short elegant black dress. (I really need my own LBD. Large black dress, right?) She had endlessly long legs, killer shoes, and boy did she have the walk down. There had to be a trail of drool following her. Every man was slack jawed as they went by. It was like watching a convention of yokels practicing their secret ritual.

It is fun to watch my tomboy daughter turn into a very feminine girl. It is a secret society. I think Killdozer would be happy if she wore a potato sack though. But, I like that she is sharp and way too opinionated for her own good.

She wore a pair of short shorts last night to nephew's birthday. Let's just say, there was another set of cheeks to powder.

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