Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 10 Didgets, Nephew~!

My nephew turned double digits yesterday--the big 1-0~! His sucky aunt (me) and his other sucky aunt (my SIL) were buying his birthday card at Rite-Aid right before we went to their house for BBQ because...because...well, we have no excuse. We had way too much fun picking out cards to put our money in. My card mentioned peeing but I don't think he even noticed what the card said or who gave it to him, he just wanted the moola. I gave him $20 bucks. I have a feeling he thought it should have been triple digit money. Sheesh. Who does he think I am? Ben Bernanke?

Teddy Bear, Killdozer, and I drove out to La Jolla to help celebrate. I have a feeling I'm going to get a ticket in the mail. We got into the newly finished carpool/toll lanes because I have a Fast Trak and it said it was a Fast Trak lane but apparently it is a different Fast Trak than mine so it didn't beep when we went through it and now I'm pissed because the toll was only 50 cents but I think it's fun to be in the carpool lanes and now it will probably cost me $20 friggin' dollars.

We picked up Baby Brother and JuJuBeez. I like when they go because then BB drives. JuJuBeez and I could never live near each other because we would get nothing done except for goofing off and laughing. Some people have a different way of looking at the world and she is definitely one of those people. Her mother is just like that, too. Her parents are in their 80s now, her dad is hard of hearing and her mother's eyesight is failing, so spending time with them is like an episode of "Who's on first?" Her dad, Poops, complains that her mom talks too much. Go ahead. Say it. I know I did. How would he know? He can't hear...and that is what Peeps (mom) tells him all the time. One day, Peeps got so mad, she picked up a piece of junk mail and heaved it at him hitting him square in the chest. He accused her of lying about being blind because it was a great shot. They squabble but are inseparable. They have a caregiver who was spending the nights to help them out, but they let her go on the weekends. Why? Well, umm...well, ahhhh. Parents don't, you know, do it, you know, do they??

My brother's house was full of 1o year old boys. At first it was fairly calm because they were playing Call of Duty or whatever. (This is the game that Nazi Zombies is on, by the way.) They were pretty quiet until the huge inflatable bats and swords came out. Whose brilliant idea was that? Man, why do little boys like beating the tar out of each other? My brother, birthday boy's dad, the Doc, turned on a movie, the newest Ice Age movie, and turned UP the volume. Did I mention he turned UP the volume? It was incredible. His surround sound blew my hair backwards. I am totally going to house sit for him next time.

We ate cake and ice cream and headed home. Of course, Teddy Bear left MY make up bag and her expensive new straightener at the Doc's house. I TOLD her to it pick it up, but because it took too long to say good-bye, it was too much effort to hold it for that long. Gosh, five minutes is a long time when you are young. Anyway, she put it down and there it stayed. They need to call this generation "Generation Lazy."

Happy 10th Birthday, Nephew~! (And it's your aunts fault the card said didget instead of digit.)


Jeanne said...

Oh my yes do ten year old boys like beating the crap out of each other!! The party actually sounds like fun, but that's because I miss those fun days when life was easy. Now I've only got teenagers and it's's really...well, it really sucks. Can I just say that a very hormonal teenaged girl is not fun? Add to that a contentious know-it-all 13 year old and it's just not good. I'm ready to kill them already and it's only Friday. ARRGGHHHHHHH!!!!

And you aren't a sucky aunt. A sucky aunt wouldn't even show up!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Ah, the hormonal teenage girl years...and is it a cosmic bad joke that it coincides with OUR hormonal changes??? Teenagers only became "fun" when I stopped thinking I could control anything. It was a risky move but it seems to have paid far~! I spent many an hour in the shower crying so that way I could blame the shampoo on my red eyes.

In some ways, I wish blogs had been around back then because trying to find the humor in the tragedy that is sometimes life has been helpful. Ah, the days of the teenager refusing to say where she spent Homecoming night...wanting to go to a New Year's Eve party at age 16 at the Coliseum...oh yes, I could go on and on and on....