Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Invisible Man

I actually started this post looking for a cute video of a cat because my dogs think she is invisible now. Yes, they now magically cannot see the big gray tabby cat that shares the garage with them. She meows more than any cat I have ever heard, ever. My dogs bark more than any dog should be allowed to bark. In a past life, I must have been a loud mouthed pain in the butt because all my animals are loud and obnoxious and cause me endless grief. Bo and Indy nearly got sent to doggy jail on Monday.

My doorbell rings..twice...very irritated sounding. I stop working to see who is there. Look out the glass in the front door and see a cop car with lights on parked in front of my house. Oh my. Open door but no one is there. What is this? Ding dong ditch? By the police? Then a man's voice says "I'm over here." He asks me if I own 2 dogs. Oh. Shit. I tell him yes, I own 2 small dogs. He says they are out running around and that they nearly got hit. He is looking and sounding just a wee bit annoyed. I tell him that the gardeners were there today and they probably left the gate open. But what I am really thinking is "Oh, please, dogs, don't come back while Mr. Policeman is here." Neither one of my dogs has a license. Bo, the fat wiener dog used to have a license. I had him fixed and properly registered. Honest. Indy is my daughter's dog and I will be damned before I get him fixed and pay for the license.

I call and call and here comes Bo. He looks happy to see me, so maybe escaping is no longer in his blood. He is an old fart now and fat to boot, so running around is a little harder nowadays, although the puppy has caused him to lose weight recently. I call and call for Indy. Teddy Bear will cry her eyes out if he gets lost. Finally, he comes flying from the around the back so happy to be found. I think he was trying to find a way back in through the back fence. The cop is back in his car by now and looks like he might say something, but then decides not to. I think it was the same cop who came to the house when someone painted a swastika on the side of my house right after the election. I did not know it was there but across the street is an elementary school and I guess a parent saw it and called it in. The same vandals also spray painted my daughter's car with red paint that said "Fuck Obama" and "Die Obama," but that was another post. He lets me take them in the house and I am very happy I did not have to chase anyone down. It was embarrassing enough that I was still in my pajamas.

Anyway, about my invisible cat.... Ah, dang. Look at the time. Gotta run. Book Babes are meeting in less than hour and I am still in my pajamas...maybe I should change the name of my blog to "Hey Lady, Do You Own Any Real Clothes?"


Jeanne said...

I'm glad your puppies were safe! Temecula police - don't they have anything better to do? That was always a joke with me and Dave. Murrieta and Temecula police have almost nothing to do, so they do the little things. When we first moved to Murrieta they knocked on my door at midnight to let me know my garage was open. WHAT? Thank you, police. Coming from Long Beach which is urban crime at its finest, this was pretty mind blowing for us. *sigh* I miss Murrieta. And it's too-much-time-on-its-hands police in their fancy new cruisers.

Never heard about your vandals. What the heck?? That must have been scary. Did TeddyBear have an Obama sticker on her car or something?

And anyway, who cares if you were in your pajamas. The cop as probably jealous! ;P

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Hey J, I made a link to the post about the vandals. It was in November right after the election. I called it "There's a Pony in here Somewhere".

You know what's weird, I heard that the new restaurants in town, P.F. Chang and Yard House have outdoor patios and now the police helicopter hovers overhead. Growing up in the valley, police helicopters meant you locked your doors! Bad guys running around and all that. Not sure if it means the same thing here though~!