Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kilroy was Here

Kilroy was real?!!! What do you know? My BFF pops into my blog once in awhile and leaves a cryptic "Kilroy was here" comment. She knows it drives me NUTS~! She is probably laughing at me right now. To be honest, it hurt my feelings sometimes, but she does not even keep up on her blog, so perhaps I should just grow up. Where it really matters, she is always there for me.

We have cried together, laughed together, had way too many Jack and Cokes together. She is my BFF. She knows my secrets and troubles and manages to make me laugh and lighten up. The two of us together can go anywhere. I think we think we are braver when we are together. We both are wannabe geeks. Ruthless moved back home and we can't wait to take his old computer apart and see if we can get it running again. We are both way too curious for our own good. Our houses are equally cluttered. We have had whole discussions on when it is time to finally dust. In my living room right now is a coffee table that every time I see it, I think, "Boy, that sure needs dusting." And I keep on walking. It is almost at the point where if you wrote your name in the dust, it would he obvious. Almost. When it's there, I will dust. She is not as bad as me because she only waits until you see it. I actually have friends who dust every week, maybe even every day. What's up with that? But we laugh about it and I so appreciate that.

I am oblivious to what is going on around me and she notices everything. We were going to the Bonnie Hunt show a few months back and we went to pick up Karen. Karen is the true blue Bonnie fan and we were all very excited. As we were leaving, Karen looked into a little mirror she had and noticed that she had put on lip liner but not lipstick. She asked us how could we let her leave the house like that. Now, to be truthful, I did not notice it at ALL. Casey noticed but said she thought maybe Karen wanted that look or was going to put on her lipstick later. If you have read Karen's blog post about her eyebrows, you know the lipstick thing would probably have mortified her. But, it shows you how oblivious I can be.

I am having a hard time with my other blog. In my mind, I was writing with a certain audience in mind--BFF, Nancy, Jeanne, Karen and someone who pops in regularly (thank you!) but does not comment and all those strange pop ins from all over the world.

I like it, it is much more caustic, but my habit for writing for this blog is so strong and I keep getting pulled back. I like being Happy Hour...Somewhere. I think I may pull my posts from the other blog and put them here. I figure if you want to read, you will. I don't mind being a sucky aunt but I really do mind being a sucky friend. (My nephews only want money anyway, so I actually rule as an aunt when it comes to that. I just may not get it to them on their birthday.)

So, if you have read so far, what do you think?


Karen Carter said...

Forgot about that whole crime scene lip outline..too funny. I am glad that you have a BFF that shares your crazy fun life. I sure love her too.
And as far as the dust goes who cares how deep it goes. We are friends and we are not supposed to notice things like that. I dont care where you write just write...and make sure we can read it once in a while.
hugs Karen~

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am thinking of putting a happy face in the dust on my coffee table. A tribute to Paula and her happy face~! It just gives me the giggles to picture her keeping that going and enjoying it so much.

You will have to tell me what you think of the posts I just put up. Those were from my other blog.