Friday, April 3, 2009

They Pixared Pooh

My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Super Sleuth Christmas Movie

How could they? They Pixared Pooh. It looks creepy. Pooh on acid. Distorted and weird looking. Pooh is supposed to be water color soft, not the crisp edgy CGI looking creature they made him. You know how you can watch a movie where they make a city look warm, welcoming, all fuzzy and soft, and they can take that same city and make it look all noir like. Harsh, cold, unfriendly, faintly menacing? That is how it seems to me.

I still love to sing "I'm Just a Little Black Rain Cloud." I love the voice of the narrator, Sebastian Cabot.

That reminds me. We saw Dennis Haysbert, the guy from The Unit and the guy in the Allstate insurance commercials. Now that is a lovely deep voice, and such a handsome man, too. He was a guest on the Bonnie Hunt show we saw this week. We also saw Cynthia McFadden, co-host of Nightline. I had forgotten about Nightline. Remember Ted Koppel. I liked Cynthia McFadden though. The last time we saw Bonnie, Helen Hunt was on and what a bitch. Cold, arrogant, stuck up. She went on and on how she does not allow TV in her home and told a truly obnoxious story about her daughter and Inauguration Day for President Obama and how she thought because it was such a momentous day, she should watch the swearing in, but her daughter said no, that was not allowed in their home. She thought it was a funny story. Gack.

It has definitely been a blustery day in Temecula? I hope Piglet goes flying by soon.

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