Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can you play soccer with a bowling ball?

Embarrassing moments during bowling

Yesterday my sister-in-law was here with my nephew. Their soccer team made it to the next level in tournament play and they were playing in Temecula. Did you know there is a huge soccer field at the end of Diaz Road?? Where have I been all these years. Anyway, they had 2 games on Sunday, one at 8 in the morning and one 2 in the afternoon, so they spent the night at my place.

One of the soccer moms organized bowling for the boys and parents at the local Brunswick Bowling...and they made me bowl. I most definitely was NOT standing in the line for sports talent. There is no gene in my DNA for hand/eye coordination. When I try to play tennis, I swear there is a hole in my racket that the ball goes right through. There is a vortex of non-athleticism that surrounds me. I am afraid I could even suck the talent out of those I play with.

We got our required fugly bowling shoes. I have to admit I think they are fun to slip and slide in. I was not feeling well and I figured this was going to be BAD. Ah, but I was rescued. One of the dads had a pitcher of beer~! I play much better with beer. I bellied up to the bar, got my pitcher of beer and 2 glasses, and went back to bowl.

Watching the boys play was hilarious. They actually tried to play soccer with two of the bowling balls. Sheesh. Watching people bowl is so much fun. It is the ultimate in people watching. Everyone is there to have fun and there were all kinds of people there yesterday. They had a contest to do the chicken dance for all the parties celebrating a birthday. Anybody care for wine to go with the cheese? To be honest, though, I caught myself tapping my toes to the music. What next? The macarena.

By the second glass of beer, my bowling was awesome. I mean a score of 78 is totally, like, so gooood. And that included 2 strikes. I was on fire. I beat everyone on our team with that score, so you know I am ready for tournament play. Bowling is right up my alley (groan.)

The boys wanted to go to a show afterward and we saw Paul Blart, Mall Cop. The first of the movie was bad and cheesy, but the movie ended up just being cheesy but cute. I am going to have to come up with a rating system for movies I see so I could rank them. This is not a movie I would buy when it goes to DVD. Maybe if it was about five bucks at Walmart. Maybe. I liked the scenes with the bad guys skateboarding, running, and jumping like crazy. That was incredible. I would love to see the behind-the-scenes on those sequences.

Hey, Book Babes, we could become the Book Bowling Babes, or Bowling for Book Babes, or Babes with Books and Balls....

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Karen Carter said...

This is soo funny!!! Glad you had fun and now we know what to get you for your birthday A windbreaker to go with that bowling outfit! I think bowling is so much fun! And I would love to do it with you girls. I vote for the lst one. Babes with books and balls. Karen~ aka Flo