Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Living Room is NOT a Toilet, Dang It~!

Have you ever had to pick up dried-up, Tootsie-roll looking poops off the carpet? This happens on a regular basis in this house. The only reason little Indy has not become a fluffy, furry, flying football is because at least the poops do not stain the carpet. Go figure.

This is a picture of Indy. He is half Chihuahua and half Papillon. He is now 6 months old. Doesn't he look all cute and innocent? He has great big bat ears that are fluffy and as he gets older he looks like more and more like a little fox. I think he weighs about 8 pounds now.

He does a "rain dance" with Teddy Bear where he dances on his back feet and hops up and down when he is super excited to see her. He really is not a stupid dog. He can actually sleep all night long without having to get up. He is much better about pee now. But for some reason if he has to poop, he runs straight to my living room.

What is a dog tolerator to do?


Casey said...

Guess the "crate" training isn't working? Huh?

Jeanne said...

Does he always poop in the same spot? That's a hard one, especially since if they've already done it and you don't catch them right away they aren't sure what you're mad about. Might try the Dog Whisperer site and see if he has tips listed. That man can do anything with a dog.
Timber pooed on the carpet only a couple times. Being half ChowChow it goes against his breed. They like to be fastidious and poo in the same spot, which once he learned was outside it was never a problem. He even came to us knowing how to use the puppy pad to pee on at 6 weeks!! Sorry I can't help you, man.
He is cute, though. ;-)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Part of the problem is really that I do not feel it is my responsibility to train him, which in reality is stupid. I told my daughter that I did not want to get a dog at all and she had better take 100% care of one if she got one. What a dope I am. Of course, it is always up to mommy to pick up the slack.

It is hard because he cannot be allowed just to be in the house unsupervised because you never know when he will pee or poo. He only pees outside because I am always on the look out for his signs but he has not learned to come to us to let us know he has to go outside.

Cesar would recognize right away that my daughter is definitely not the pack leader and I truly do not want any animals so I abdicate by default. The only person he respects is Kelly's boyfriend but he is mean to the dog and that bugs me.

I have always said I love dogs if they are well trained and have manners, which is almost 100% the owner's doing. So, this is MY problem. *running away screaming....*