Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gov

Before I start my Saturday and get ready for family, I have one more post. Governor William J. Le Petomane was a hoot in Blazing Saddles. The Gov was the bomb. He was an honestly corrupt politician. Did you know Le Petomane was a real person? He was a French entertainer who apparently had remarkable control of his abdominal muscles and could....fart at will. The Fartiste as it were. It translates into the Fart Maniac. Mel Brooks is a gas.

I figure our good governator, Arnold, should have a jacket that says The Gov and I would rather he fart than pass (get it, pass?) new taxes.

Have a great Saturday~!

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Karen Carter said...

Very funny! And you have a good Saturday with your family and that darling baby!! Be sure to take lots of photos and put them up for all of us to see.........Love Karen~