Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Slice of Chicago in Culver City

It was so funny that I picked the crush on Brian Williams for the previous post on going to the Bonnie Hunt Show, and they do a short segment on her visit to New York and her crush on Brian Williams~! And, then I have a post called One Peeps Man about tattoos and Kat Von D and, well, heck, she is on the show that I saw taped yesterday. I am watching "Return to Me" while I write this loaned to me by my Book Babe buddy. If this was paper, you would see the tear drops. What a great movie. Now I really have to find it in the store so I can watch it again.

I wish I had pictures to show you of our trip to Culver Studios to see the show, but they allow no cameras. Do you know how frustrating that is? You go to a film studio and can't take pictures?? There are so many interesting shots I wanted to show you, but, alas, no such luck. They even have a metal detector now.

Bonnie's show more than makes up for that slight indiscretion. She is so damn funny and quick. She goes out into the audience after each show and talks to the people. She used to be a nurse and people just seem to flock to her. We have seen Ellen, and I loved her as Dori in "Finding Nemo," but her show was run so coldly and professionally, I felt like a prop in the seat. Stand up, dance, clap, laugh, sit down, look interested. The warm up guy I wanted to go down and cram the microphone down his throat.

I was so hungry waiting for the show to start. We left Temecula about 10 in the morning, got to Culver City about 11:40, waited for them to let us in at about 1 or so, then sat and waited until 1:40 when they finally let us in to sit down. I was dying for my hot dog and root beer by that time. I love hot dogs and even though I do not like mustard I ate mine anyway. Two ladies were in front of us and they did not want their hot dogs, so they did not take them. Book Babe and I were upset; they could have passed their hot dogs our way. I did mention I was hungry, right?

We saw Rosie Perez. What a hoot! She told funny stories and cooked a dish with no name, fish and smashed potatoes. There was show and tell with 3 sisters, their hairless cat and their pet rats. When the cage broke and fell that was holding the rats I thought for sure they were going to scurry off somewhere. They were huge! The little girl just picked them up and held them the entire segment. Kat Von D came out and told a little bit about her family and the story behind some of her tattoos. She can play the piano, even has tattoos of Beethoven. I thought she was adorable. We also saw Helen Hunt, who I loved in As Good As It Gets.

We went to Trader Joe's afterwards to get snacks to make it home and then we went to Claim Jumpers. Sheesh. Food seems to be a theme here.

Kat Von D brought her book for the audience to take home~! Johnny was not happy because Teddy Bear is starting to get ideas about tattoos again. I wish I could have it autographed. Maybe I can make a trip to L.A. and visit her tattoo studio. Well, if Teddy Bear lets me.

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Jeanne said...

How fun! It pays to be self employed in that sense, huh? Getting to go when you want? Very cool. Sorry you had to starve but Claim Jumpers made up for that I bet. I ran into you there several times, didn't I? That was fun. We never made it there together, though. Poo!
Love Return To Me. What was your favorite part?