Friday, February 27, 2009

Visual DNA and E-Harmony

So have you taken the Visual DNA quiz? Come on, go on over and do it, it's fun. I took the quiz one night with my sister-in-law and her friend Manelli. We were drinking, so perhaps the results were skewed a little. Hee, hee. Manelli took a long time picking out one picture from each category. She is a very methodical organized human being, so it took her a while. JuJuBeez and I were starting to get paranoid. Maybe we answered all the questions wrong? Can we do it again? What does it all mean?

I take the quiz and I think I am being honest with myself, but I get the results and think, some of them are right on, but some are so wrong it is funny. The moods analysis seemed pretty right on but the fun segment was so not me. "For kicks, nothing beats an adrenalin rush." Me? Adrenaline rush? HAHAHA. "You're confident and brave--life is for the living." I'm a hermit in the making and it was a long time before I got brave enough to call businesses on the phone and try to resolve an issue. What if they yell at me?

As a joke, I went back and picked the opposite of what I would normally do. Do you know that that revealed a lot about me too~!??

So what does this have to do with E-Harmony you ask? I went on their website awhile ago and filled out their endlessly long questionnaire. It was so hard. You have to be honest so that they match you correctly. But when you read the questions you feel like cheating. I mean who doesn't want to be thought of as honest, loyal, affectionate, hard working, blah, blah, blah? Who wants to date someone who takes procrastination to new Olympic levels? Who wants to date someone who just discovered how to use a blow dryer? Make-up? What's that?

So I fill it out and I am pretty sure I put in there not to send me anyone over the age of 55 and they should live in or near Temecula or even down to San Diego. (I go there a lot.) What do I get? Sheesh. It looked like early bird special day at the local cafeteria in Hemet. Facing reality is a bitch.

Manelli is a psychologist, maybe she can shrink me up a bit so I can fill these dang things out and start dating again. Dating? I met my ex-husband when I was 16 and divorced at age 50. What do I know about dating? Nada. Not a thing. Zippo. Zilch. Okay, I am having palpitations here. I did get a good piece of advice from a man who met his new wife on He said do not put older pictures of yourself on your profile, you know, the ones when you used to be hot, thin, young. He said to be honest. Sigh. There is that truth thing again. I wish he would just introduce me to one of his Marine officer buddies and save me the trouble.

I think I will try again and I will keep you posted.


Jeanne said...

Muahaha I will have to head over there and do it this weekend. This dating thing is evil. I don't know what I'd do if I had to start again. But you're a beautiful, intelligent, caring, giving person and don't let anyone EVER let you think otherwise. No early bird dates for you, baby. Hang in there!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

We will have to compare profiles~! It is a fascinating quiz and there a bunch more on there, of course.

Jeanne said...

It was pretty much right in terms of how I perceive myself. That was fun! Maybe I'll try the others, too....

Loving Annie said...

E-Harmony matched me up with a construction worker who liked rap music about 70 miles away from me - I think it is a total joke...

Especailly since I'm not the outdoorsy type, like 50's music and rock and roll, and wanted someone who lived in south orange county.

They get you all excited because after you answer all of these questions, you think surely if they give you a match, you will have great commonalities.

Instead, my gut says they pick anyone within 100 miles of you becaue once they've got your money, they don't care. It's just public relations for them to have the big questionnaire.

The owner of the site has a thing where women MUST be matched with men who can be up to 20 years older than they are - but women cannot be matched up with younger men - not even one year younger. Blech.

I'll take my chances on meeting someone interesting in person, even if it takes longer.

The only people I knew near where you are were in Lake Elsinore on Canyon Ridge Drive... She had 2 daughters from her ex-husband, and he has a boy and a girl from his first marriage...

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I love the analysis of e-harmony~! I never thought of that that they probably just send people who live nearby. And I told them they could go younger in age, but no, I got 65 year old men with NOTHING in common with me or even interesting about them. I'm only 51. Sheesh. I still have a few years until I'm eligible for the early bird specials.

I just joined a meet up group that meets in San Diego, so I have hopes for that and if nothing else I might meet people who are interesting and like some of the things I like~!

I am playing catch up on your blog and having a blast~!