Friday, February 20, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Last night was girl's night out in La Jolla at P. F. Chang's China Bistro. I met my two sister-in-laws and two other friends, one who I have not seen in a long time.

I usually do not have that much going on in my life, remember I'm a hermit, but this has been a fun week. As always, I got to the restaurant early. There was a wait to be seated, so I put our name in and then sat at the bar--ALL BY MYSELF~! Talk about feeling weird. It is a beautiful restaurant with large glass windows, lots of wood, and warm lighting. The place was busy but I found a seat at the bar. Did you know a lot of men sit by themselves at a bar? There were a lot of men sitting there, eating dinner, reading newspapers, watching the sports, or some had friends and they were busy chatting it up. One guy made eye contact with me, kind of cute. The bar is a big rectangle and he was sitting opposite me. I felt so stupid though. How on earth do you go from eye contact to actual talking? Teddy Bear says she is going to teach me to flirt. And I was sitting there with a copy of "Eclipse" with me. You know, the Twilight book by Stephenie Meyers? Manelli wanted to read it as she has finished New Moon, so I brought it for her. So what does any self-respecting introvert do in this situation? Of course. I got on the phone and started texting everyone to find out when the heck they were going to get there~! It turns out my other friend, the Brazilian bombshell was already there, and guess what? When she asked what I was reading and I showed her, my big black hardcover version of Eclipse, she pulls out the EXACT same book out of her purse! HAHAHA.

So the five of us sit down with a great view of the big statue of the horse out front. I mean a great view of his rear end. It must be a requirement that anyone who works at this restaurant must be good looking. The guys should have been on the menu so I could take one home in a little white carton. One guy had dreadlocks, which I usually do not like, but they were pulled back and he had the most gorgeous face. There were a lot of clean cut guys, too, I guess. JuJueBeez and Manelli were happy anyway. (Don't tell their husbands. Shhhh.)

With five women, the conversation never dies down. Husbands, boyfriends, dating, movies, kids, work, everything gets discussed. The food there is so good. Dan Dan noodles are hot though. It is always fun to read your fortune cookie after you eat, too. Mine said: You will be rewarded for being a good listener in the next week. A nice check will do, thank you. JuJuBeez was not thrilled with her fortune: Your health is important. Eat your vegetables! BWAHAHA. She got nagged by a fortune cookie.

I am terribly sad we did not order the Great Wall of Chocolate. I think I need to grab Nancy and the Book Babes and head to our P. F. Chang's that will be opening soon and get one.

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Karen Carter said...

Sounds like you have been having lots of fun! And you are soooo friendly. You need no flirting help. Just dive in..I have always wanted to see the great wall, so the chocolate one will do,Love your blog ! Karen