Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look! A Bright Shiny Object

So, yes, I am easily distracted. I have a mountain of work to do, but here I sit playing with You Tube, reading Christopher Hitchens, and watching Mike Rowe sing about doing Dirty Jobs.

The scrapbook convention was at the Orange County fairgrounds this weekend. Ouch. No need to run away screaming into the night. Glitter is not contagious. Pretty paper is not an airborne illness. It is fun to play with pictures and tell stories. Kind of like blogging. I love the stories behind pictures and I have had many a run in with "consultants" who are in such a hurry to get the pictures in a book and tell me to stop dawdling. But I love picking paper, choosing colors and making the page glittery, and then I love to tell the story behind the pictures. I would read friends' scrapbooks and groan when I would read captions like, "Me, John, and the kids at the park." Do you know how agonizing I find that? Who the heck is me?

I found a picture once, black and white, and obviously from a different era. The woman in the picture is beautiful, wearing a dress and a hat, looks like maybe from the 1940's, and in the background is the Statue of Liberty. And what is written on the back? Me in New York. Sigh. One of the reasons I so liked the idea of scrapbooking, besides making sure pictures last in an acid free environment, was for the stories behind the pictures. I look back at pictures I took and for the life of me I would be hard pressed to tell you who is in the picture, when it was taken, and why~!

Casey and I went and had a fun day. Our sisters could not make it and Wiley was making her lobster and steak for a Valentine's Day dinner, so we left early. We ate at Carrow's Restaurant for breakfast on our way out. I had some biscuits and gravy. Yummy. She had blueberry pancakes, also, very yummy. On the drive out from Temecula, we noticed the Highway Patrol was out in droves. I look at the speed limit as a suggestion, not an absolute, so they tend to chap my hide (or however that saying goes) and they were on almost every freeway we were on. There was even a stealth Highway Patrol, white with no lights on the roof. Now, that's just cheating. Not playing fair and all that. I think the lack of money is going to cause them to give out tickets like candy.

Watch out my poor California drivers. Arnold and his bozos up in Sacramento are battling among themselves--not in how to curb spending but how much more to grab from us. I say lay off half the bureaucracy and see from there who is actually "essential." But, that is a different rant, perhaps for April 15th.

I think digital scrapbooking could be fun. I may have to ask Thia Karen. HAHAHA. Just kidding. She probably will not read this whole post. She is allergic to scrapbooking, but she tells a wickedly good story and takes fabulous pictures, so she is a "scrapbooker" in spirit.

Maybe one day I will even finish an album. HAHAHA.


Karen Carter said...

I read the whole thing!!And loved it. I adore Mike Rowe he is such a manly man. I love pancakes and biscuits and gravy sure sound fun! You and Casey getting away from it all. It all sounds great. But where did you say you went? And what did you do? I dont remember any of that part of the blog? I may have to re read it...nah Love you Karen~

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I fling glitter in your general direction~! Take that. I LOVE Mike Rowe. That is exactly how I think of him--a manly man. I can't wait to hear about SF~!

Jeanne said...

Mike Rowe is a hottie. Yeah, I said it! He is muey cute. It's his personality. I even like the way he says "poo" for, you know, poop.

I totally get your point and idea for a story. It makes sense when you say it that way. But I will always fall into a fetal position under the table if forced to start a craft. I just will. *sticks out tongue and runs away...*

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Thanks for my belly laugh for the day~! You and Karen are peas in a pod when it comes to that. It's a crack up. And put that tongue back, young lady. Do you want your face to freeze that way?

But you gave me a brilliant idea for a scrapbook online blog if you will. Scan all those darn pictures that are not digital yet and then have a blog post about them. You would not need a separate post for each picture necessarily. I guess Picassa has a way to create a collage of pictures that are way cool and then you could write a story on the pictures. You could make the blog by invite only if you wanted. Umm. *sticks out tongue and says neener, neener*

Jeanne said...

Heehee like the "Neener, neener" part.

The blog scrapbook is an absolutely insanely good idea!! I have a lot of old photos that would be fun to put a scrapbook together of, and online makes it wayyyyy better. I might have to attempt that prior to starting work. 4 weeks and counting! Great idea Kat.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Can you imagine if you made it open to your family so they could post (but not be administrators!)so they could leave their comments and stories about a picture depending on how long their story is? If you had family all over, they could post pictures you may not have. I guess they would have to be somewhat computer savvy, but it would be fun.

I would love to know what my brothers and sisters remember about certain things...well, on second thought, maybe not love, but it would be interesting~!

You would have to show everyone the feature that mails you an e-mail when someone has posted on a particular post so they would not have to keep popping in and out of the blog to check. I just found that one myself. Sheesh. *hides head in embarrassment*

Jeanne said...

We're total nerds about finding out new apps. Hey, at least we use them when we do! So shut up world!! ;-)