Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stamping Out Happiness

Last night I went to a stamping party. No, I have not become a philatelist. Stamps have a funny gummy taste. This was a stamp party where we made cards. I went with Casey, her sister, and Lynn. Kelly and Lynn could start their own show they are so funny. Even with no alcohol.

We were all giggling and laughing about how nice it would be not to have to work or worry about money and get to play all day. Sit around eating bon bons all day long you know. Our hostess was an impossibly nice and super organized lady. She had family pictures all over her walls with wonderful cute labels created out of this sticky vinyl stuff that said "Family" and things like that. The whole house seemed to be decorated for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Cute towels everywhere, big glass bowls of conversation hearts with pretty ribbon wrapped all around them, placements with hearts, and even a banner she had made for Valentine's day hanging over the fireplace. Part of me wanted to retch and part of me was SO jealous.

I remember the days when I would decorate and get excited about holidays like that. Now, well, now, ummm, well, let me see. Shoot. One of these days I am hoping all that will come back. The last few years of my marriage were hard and I had so much joy knocked out of me. I believe no one can make you happy but they sure can make you miserable. I used to be a possimist. You know, an optimist who is positive. (That one is courtesy of my son-in-law.) I enjoy being around cheerful people and I love to laugh~! I mean I LOVE to laugh. So, I figure it is not that buried.

I used to like having a clean house. I remember being like Karen and could not leave the house for a trip if the house was messy. Who wants to come home to a dirty house??? Now, I couldn't care less (or could care less. Which one is it?) I will drop almost anything to play except when I am working. Those dang doctors are always calling for stats. I had a schedule for cleaning and everything. My favorite book used to be "The Sidetracked Home Executives." They were reformed slobs who became neat freaks. I mean, they were slobs!! Their story is funny because I think almost anyone who has had to keep a house clean can sympathize. (Unless you are the kind of person who even has a schedule for cleaning out the covers to ceiling lights. You know how they always seem to collect dust and bugs, but who wants to grab a ladder or stepstool and clean it? Or who even notices them!)

I have decided to have a scrapbooking night at my home on February 20th, so unless you are deeply suspicious of people who play with glitter and paper and glue and scissors, come on over~!


Karen Carter said...

I will be there! I am so sorry I missed last night. But after hearing about her house maybe I am glad..I might have thrown some glitter just to mess with her. :) Glad you had fun!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

LOL~! I so wanted to add glitter to my cards! Sorry, I am sucker for shiny things.

Casey said...

Look bright shiney objects!! Owwww Ahhh! (see I left a comment!:()

Jeanne said...

I am allergic to scrapbooking and stamping. I'm even allergic to decorating even if I love the way it looks. I absolutely hate it. Weird, I know. I tried, I did, to get into the scrapbooking thing, but it fizzled out quickly. Good for you! And in terms of the house thing - honey, that's just getting older and knowing when to leave stuff alone and not sweat it. And in that respect growing older is a GOOD thing. (I hate coming home to a dirty house too!)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I hear you with the decorating. The Hot Tamale is good at it~! If I ever buy a house, she is going to have to come over and decorate for her old mom. You and my friend would be great digital scrapbookers I bet.

I am looking for the will to hit me so I clean my house thoroughly. Having this scrapbook thing on the 20th is a good motivation~!

Jeanne said...

See? Inspiration. I bet you argue with the other half of your brain, too?? LOL. I bet the Hot Tamale is good at decorating. She is, after all, quite fabulous. She was so much fun to work with. Tell her I say "hey!"