Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Friday night was my first scrapbooking night of the year. Keep it on your calendar, the third Friday of each month to play with pictures, sort them out, scrapbook, whatever. I had chicken and stuff to make burritos with flour tortillas, olives, cheese, guacamole, salsa. And, of course, booze. Casey brought chocolate. Yummy. Even if you don't scrapbook, if you have a laptop, bring it along and digitally scrapbook. I am looking into buying a scanner that will scan negatives, slides, and pictures so we can get them onto a computer. Can you imagine the fun with that~!?? I have tons of pictures that I would love to send to friends but they are on film, not digital, and my current scanner bites.

Most everybody brought pictures to sort and organize, which is the ultimate in distraction and fun. Casey, her sister, and Lynn have been friends for many, many years, so when they started going though pictures it was hilarious. Lynn had pictures of Casey going to prom with Lynn's brother. OMG. She looks just like her daughter, or I guess her daughter looks just like her. A young Wiley looks like Trevor does now. Actually, in the picture I saw, Wiley is the same age as Trevor is now~! It was kind of spooky. LeAnn had some great pictures of her kids. I loved the picture of Evan crying because mommy was making him touch a character, I think it was a panda bear. In the next picture, the character has her paw in her mouth as if to say, "oh, my." It is so funny when you look at older pictures how you can see the resemblance between pictures of yourself when you were younger and your own children now.

It was the battling Bickersons for a while with Casey and her sister but when they sat down to sort pictures, it was so much fun. Kelly had a glamour shot of herself with BIG HAIR. She is beautiful, but the hair is worthy of Farrah Fawcett, man. The stories they were telling were so funny and they darn well better write them down.

Maybe by summer I will be more organized~!


Casey said...

Whadda ya mean "The Battling Bickersons"?! We're communicating here(Italian hand gestures here)! ;)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Are you practicing for Italy?!!! Hee, hee. You two were funny. I had a good time and I hope Lynn and Kelly did. I will address all my email to Katie though from now on.