Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flying Ace

My mom and dad called me this morning to say hello. They were sitting around on this Saturday morning drinking coffee and said they had not heard from me from me for a while, so they picked up the phone to call me. My mom is so funny. She wanted to know what was going on for my grandson's first birthday. (Wow, can you believe little Z is going to be one~!) I had to laugh because my daughter sent an E-vite out to everyone. I did tell her to go ahead and send one to Grandma that way but she had better darn well pick up the phone and call her Grandma to tell her about it. My mom got a computer for Christmas but it collects dust on their desk. She even covers the monitor with a cloth so it does not get dusty. I always tell her that if she wants to know what is going on with me to fire up her e-mail. I am just about always on the computer and my e-mail program is always open in the background.

Anyway, they will be coming out next weekend to celebrate his birthday. Teddy Bear is working and will miss the party but she will get to see her grandparents on Saturday. My dad calls her "The Baby." I love it. He is so sentimental about her. It is so wonderful to be so loved by someone just for who you are, no expectations, no criticisms, just love. My dad and I had a hard relationship when I was growing up but he has been a great Grandpa to my girls.

I love to talk to my dad when he is up and feeling well. He can be so funny. We were talking on the phone and got disconnected. I called back right away and he laughed and said he was talking to himself for awhile before he realized it. He said he does that all the time anyway when he is watching TV. He loves his sports and the news and he talks to the TV to let them know what he thinks and he wants to make sure they hear him. My mom says he has made an indent on the cushion of the couch and she has to "air" out the cushion once in a while. Hee, hee. He is bringing me some oranges from his garden. They are so good~!

Of course, being parents, they made me feel guilty that I don't call enough, which is true. My BFF tells me all the time to appreciate the time I have with my mom and dad because they could be gone before I know it. My dad said he wanted to get a hovermobile or something like that so he can fly over to see me and the girls and the baby. I was laughing so hard picturing my dad flying over to see me like Snoopy, the Flying Ace.

Birthdays and birthday parties were a big deal in my family and we loved to celebrate with family parties. I just found pictures of my nephew's 1st birthday from 2000~! What fun. A Winnie the Pooh cake, a Tigger pinata, lots of kids and lots of family, and, of course, lots of food~!

So now the hermit has another good week coming up. Darn, but now I have to clean my house super duper clean.


Karen Carter said...

I love your mom and dad just from this post. You are lucky indeed to still have them in your life. There is NO OTHER LOVE quite like that one. cute little hermit

Casey said...

I'm glad you listen to your BFF! Cause it's true! Love the other "Me Too!"

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I know. I hope me too too (?)comes out next week with them. LOL.