Sunday, March 1, 2009

They Want to Tax What?!!

Charles Durning in the "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."

HAHAHA. How hard up for money do you think they are? Creative writing, I mean law writing, is going at on our state legislatures. They are floating ideas that really should be on the Colbert show or Jon Stewart

The New York Times had an article on Struggling States to Look at Unorthodox Taxes. One of our very own, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano wants to tax pot. You know, the illegal stuff. He says, and I quote, "We're all jonesing for money, and there's this enormous industry out there." I don't know where to begin on the whole pathetic quote. Jonesing? Puhleeze. Does he have a stash somewhere? Rolling papers? Bong and hookah pipe in his top desk drawer? Enormous industry? I wonder how enormous it would be once it is legal? I am for legalizing pot but not because I look at it as a revenue source but because it is insane to put people in jail for smoking pot. Maybe this goes along with the snack tax and the alcohol tax and fast food tax. When you get the munchies, you can now pay double the tax.

Nevada wants to tax brothels "based on the amount of activities." BWAHAHAHA. Oh my god. I want to help write those new tax laws. How much for the missionary position? What if she just lies there like a dead fish? No tax at all? Maybe she owes him money? What if they employ, you know, toys? Lots of "activity" there, man.

Why, oh why, don't they ever stop spending money? Even the new budget from Obama has NEW spending, increased spending. Most people I know would be happy just to have the same amount of money to spend as they had the year before much less get more money.

My grandson turns one today. Perhaps another tea party is in the making when he finds out what we have obligated him to pay to pay off crooks and incompetents.

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