Friday, March 6, 2009

I Wish My Birthday Suit Would Shrink in the Dryer

I saw the title of this book and I may have to run out and buy it. A good friend and fellow transcriber, Frog, was laughing with me about getting out there again and dating. But she took care of her birthday suit. She is pretty, 10 years younger than me, and exercises and eats well to stay in shape. Even my daughter, Teddy Bear, says she is hot. When she got on (where she met her husband), she got lots of winks. I'm afraid to even put a picture up.

Teddy Bear was nagging me though about getting back on and being serious about dating, but I'm afraid. Frog was teasing that it is hard to get naked again after being married a long time and an even longer time since another man saw you naked. It seems like every man on exercises 4-5 times a week, loves the outdoors, and is looking for a hiking partner and someone in shape. No curvy girls allowed.

So I guess my birthday suit and I will have to hit the exercise bike and go back on a diet. But I don't hike and going to the gym sounds like torture. Come on, guys, there must be some INDOOR activity you like. Think hard.


Casey said...

Nope, not a one! Does drinking count? ;)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I was being punny~! You know, naked, indoors, hard...