Sunday, March 15, 2009

Speedway to Rod Run in Temecula

The Rod Run is going on in Temecula this weekend. It is a little overcast today but no rain in the forecast. One of the comments on my Vroom Vrooooomm post made me start thinking about my first car, my 1965 Ford Mustang and my love of muscle cars, any car that hauls ass. My Mustang was a blue green color, no air conditioning, roll up windows, but I loved it. Unfortunately, it was only a 6 cylinder, so it did not have the speed I liked, which was probably a good thing when I think about it. My ex for a while owned a Camaro, electric blue with a vinyl top that had 8 cylinders and loved to go fast~!

I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit how often I would race down Saticoy Avenue in that car on my way home from work. I loved it when guys would pull up in their cars and they would think they would beat me off the line. Ha! Fat chance. I would try to look prim and proper like I would never race, but I would have one foot on the brake and the other itching to hit that accelerator. The light would turn green and I would take off! I loved it when they would try to catch up with me because I had no problem driving aggressively and squeezing in and out of traffic.

My next car was a 1979 Ford Mustang with an 8-cylinder, but my first love is still that 1965 Mustang. My ex's friends were all into their cars and fixing them and some of them even raced. One friend was a Rolls Royce mechanic but he loved to fix up his cars and race at the track. To this day, hearing an engine growl just brings me back to my teenage years.

I still drive too fast and aggressively, just ask Casey. She holds her breath and prays when she drives with me. I think she might even stomp on her imaginary brake pedal. Driving shotgun with me is not her cup of tea. HAHAHA.

I would love to drive all the cars in this video. They look like alien vehicles from planet Car. If I were to ever win a bunch of money, after being practical and commonsensical, you had better believe I would try to find one of these cars to buy. Do you think they ever come up on Craigslist?


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