Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

More importantly, when do you know you are grown up? The people who when they walk in the room you know, here's a grown up. What is it about them? You know they are mature, sometimes fuddy duddy, but they would be the first ones you run to if you needed help. I know a lot of it has to do with being competent, the willingness to take on a job and do it well, even if no one is watching you, even if you did not want to take on the responsibility, especially if you did not want the responsibility, but you did it anyways. And you don't do it muttering under your breath like a child, being whiny, and letting everyone within whining distance know you are doing something you don't want to do, but by god you are doing it anyways. Look at me, aren't I all grown up?

I ask because even though I consider myself competent about what I do, the most immature things still make me laugh. My sister-in-law, my sister, some of my friends, we can laugh hysterically talking about farting. Getting bloated because you pigged out on potato chips and you feel like the Goodyear Blimp? The time when you were pregnant and you sat down just wrong and, dang, a little squeaker comes ripping out. Come talk to us until the feeling passes. (I crack myself up.) We still giggle about almost everything. JuJuBeez can be on the phone for 15 seconds with me and we will be laughing within that time.

Casey and I can spend hours by the pool when we go to Vegas and laugh about all the people there and what the heck is going on. The last time was the best. How were we to know it was a topless pool at the Venetian? Sheesh, doesn't everyone go to the pool with their heels on, wearing necklaces and doodads, killer bikins, and enough make up to make a drag queen happy? We watched the parade of girls line up starting at about 11. They had a bouncer at the entrance with the rope strung across it just like at a snooty club and he was deciding who got in. That's when it got interesting to us. Some people were being turned away?!! Believe me, they were not turning away the hot chicks with the big flotation devices, no sir. But where were the men? It did not take long, they started showing up about an hour later. That was much more yummy, I mean, interesting.

So anyways...back to what did you want to be when you grow up? At one point, I wanted to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, then I got married and wanted lots of kids, then I wanted to run away to join the circus, and then I got divorced. Now, I really want to know what I want to be when I grow up. I wish I could follow Mike Rowe around. He has the best job in the world. Well, I take that back. I could not do half the jobs he does but I think going around like that and getting paid money to do it would be grand.

So I am super-duper-uper serious, what do you want to be when you grow up?


Jeanne said...

Love Mike Rowe. Let's face it - he's a hottie. Hey - we've had this conversation before, haven't we?

The fun thing about growing up is that you can be a stupid and silly as you want (laughing about farting is also one of my favorite past times) but also know about what's going on in the world and care about it.

I want to be in administration for Hospice. Ideally, the person you meet with in hospital who helps your family member go from hospital to hospice. Or I'd like to help facilitate organ transplants. At least - these are things I think I'd like to do. Think I'll need a degree in social work, but not sure. I've yet to research it thoroughly. I want to make sure my kids are out of school before I get serious about starting it, so that gives me at least 5 more years. We'll see, though.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Hospice. Wow. That is heavy duty. The next time I see my cousin, I will have to ask her if she is still transplant coordinator. She was a big muckety muck in the business for awhile.

Yes, we have had the conversation about Mike Rowe. I finally saw the episode with the poo pots~! Oh my god, it was so funny and so good. He really is a hottie and I love the speech he gives here in the video.

So the next time you are here and have an afternoon free, you will have to hang out with me and my SIL. Nothing is off topic but it is all in good fun. Sometimes rated G, sometimes rated R.

Now, I have to go find that Dr. Demento song about farting.