Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gov. Girlie Man and the Taxpayer Revolt 2009

John and Ken from KFI 640 had a rally in Fullerton, California yesterday. Man, you want to talk about fun, that was a blast. It was heads on a stick time, sledge hammering Arnold movies (Total Recall and Terminator were big hits), and organizing against Prop.1A.

I don't know how many thousands of people were there, but it was great to see so many people who are angry and wanted their voices heard about the horrendous new taxes rolling our way and the real possibility that more new taxes will be demanded. I am not sure it makes any difference, but I wanted to go and at least show my support.

People were dressed up as Benedict Arnold and pirates, and posters were everywhere. People brought their dogs and their kids. They had games you could play, The Flush-a-nator and Getting Over the Hump, and the prizes were t-shirts. The Slidebar Cafe hosted the day. I guess, that is the word you would use, and what a great place. I cannot wait to go back and hear some incredible music. It was a very friendly crowd. At one point, a parade of hundreds of people joined the crowd, playing drums and waving flags.

The people watching was the best. One lady seemed to be the focus of the only negative reaction I saw. One man, Hispanic looking, was harassing her and trying to get a rise out of the crowd. We saw him later with a few other guys talking and yelling once in a while "Heads on a stick" as if they trying to fit in. It was hilarious. I guess there was some fuss at one point near the stage but I missed that, darn it. We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory for about an hour, so we missed it. There were two cute older gentleman, kind of dressed up in costume with signs on their back that said "Germans Against Arnold" and "Austrians Against Arnold."

Downtown Fullerton is a great place to walk, lots of cafes and restaurants, and little shops. There was even what I think was an old playhouse, The Fullerton Civic Light Opera. JuJuBeez and I wanted to go in and check it out, but it was closed by the time we left at 6.

So, remember, Recall, Repeal, Revolt~!


Karen Carter said...

How fun!! I loved hearing bits of it on the radio. Love the puns about Arnold. I am so stoked that you got to go. Now who is JuJuBeez? Teddy bear if your daughter right? Great post. You go girl

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

It was a blast, Karen~! You would have had so much fun. I took so many pictures. Digital cameras are the best. JuJuBeez is my sister-in-law married to my baby brother. You probably met her at the baby shower, the cute little red head. Yes, Teddy Bear is Kelly.

I am still trying to organize some stories in my head. We had an interesting encounter in the bar at the Slidebar Cafe, where by the way, I thought the bartender was so damn good looking. Ah, to be young again. The couple where the lady was wearing cowboy gear if you were a Victoria Secret model. Gotta love them chaps. Yes, it was a great day~!