Monday, March 23, 2009

The Prez, P.C., and Pins

Jay Leno Show with President Barack Obama March 2009

And the gold medal goes to....HAHAHA. Obama was funny on this clip. I am not a Democrat and I am no longer a Republican. I am mad at both of them but this clip is truly fun to watch. Do I for one minute think he is malicious? Heartless? Cruel? Or worse...a Republican~! Egads. Nooooo.....

It is so much fun to hear the wails from the right and left on this one. You can say things like this if you are on the left because, of course, by default you are compassionate, kind, generous, loving, without a mean bone in your body, so if you make a joke about Special Olympians and their lack of ability, you are just joshing. Gosh. Can't you take a joke? If you say something like this and you are on the right, then you are an evil, heartless, pinched, miserly human being, you cannot possibly say something like this in the same spirit as Obama did in this clip. The left needs to stop ascribing evil intents to the right and the right needs to stop saying, neener, neener, you are a hypocrite. The left does not care if they are hypocrites.

I think it was funny. We have jokes about rednecks, Nascar people, trailer trash, white trash, hippies, the nuts and flakes from California, limousine liberals, fly-over country people. South Park makes a fortune making fun of every stereotype there is. Smug Alert is a favorite of mine.

Is this clip funny? I think it is mean but then I dislike Johnny Knoxville intensely so I am probably a pretty poor judge and I did not see the entire movie. Maybe it had some redeeming qualities.

Cruelty is such a different animal than teasing. We went to visit my grandma one day and there was a boy there with this incredibly huge head kind of lying on the couch in the living room. I think he was a cousin. I have so many cousins, I stopped keeping track. The last count I attempted was about 35 first cousins. I was young and could not understand the whole situation. My mom told me he had water on the brain. Say what? Couldn't they just drain it out of his head? As an adult, I assume they meant hydrocephalus. I thought it was kind of icky. Cut me some slack. I was a kid. What I do remember was how gentle and kind everyone was with him and I knew to say something mean would have been not just wrong, I think even then I knew it would have said something about my character. Thinking about it now, I think it would have hurt my heart to hear someone be cruel to him.

Political correctness is such drag. I wish someone would send it down the gutter.

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