Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Grandma By Any Other Name

My baby brother and I went out to the Valley today to visit my mom. I was so happy to see her looking so good. She had pneumonia and could not make it for Zayne's first birthday. After three weeks of hacking and coughing, she went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics. Such a marvelous thing, don't you think? She looks and sounds great now. My sister was babysitting Zayne while his parents went to an engagement party for a friend of hers, so we went to lunch and then joined my sister at her house.

Brother and I took her out to eat at Chi Chi's. Did you know they make their pasta fresh every day and have the best sourdough rolls ever? It has been a long time since just the three of us were together and it was a blast. My mom is so funny. She was saying that she and my dad want to make a trust instead of a will, but she kept saying it wasn't a trust, it was called something else. I know she didn't mean living will and BB asked if she meant living trust. She kept saying no, no, that's not it. (She is famous for saying that; we even named her computer network NoNoThat'sNotIt.) She looks at me and says, "You know what it is. What's it called?" She said the thing that keeps things out of rebate. I know, I know, she meant probate. We were stumped and she kept talking trying to figure it out. Finally she blurts out, "Living trust!" My brother and I told her we said that already. She laughed and asked us if we were sure. Ah, my mom, I love her so much.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with my sister and 2 boys at her house. Zayne is such a good baby. He cruised around the house, which is little boy heaven since she has 2 boys, and was having a good time even when he bonked his head and gave himself a goose egg. We played with him and then she fed him. That little dude can eat~! He polished off one whole jar of food, a whole container of applesauce, and enough Cheerios to fill a hollow leg.

As we were leaving, my sister was holding Zayne and having him wave good-bye to Grandma. As we drove away, my brother said it is still a shock to him that that means me~! My mom has always been Grandma, so what should I be called? I am trying for G'ma but not sure that is flying with anyone, but it is getting exasperating. My mom is only 71, so she will be around for a long while, so we have to come up with my grandma name.

I am hoping for something cool, but it will probably be Granny just you watch.


Jeanne said...

I like, totally used to eat at ChiChi's all the time, because it was like, my favorite restaurant!! Hey, did you ever go to the Winnetka drive in? I saw Ferris Buehler's day off there a million times. I also did my fair share of stupid stuff there. That brings back memories!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I think I've been to the Winnetka drive-in but we mostly went to the Van Nuys drive-in on Roscoe Blvd and the drive-in on Sepulveda Blvd that you could see from the San Diego freeway. Yes, I also did my fair share of stupid stuff there. That was where I saw part of Fritz the Cat but I fell asleep because it was gross. An x-rated cartoon?! I have always wanted to see it again to see if it would be as shocking to me now as it was then.

Our Shakey's just opened up where Godfather Pizza used to be. I haven't been there yet but I am dying for mojo chicken and fries~!

For some reason, it has been nostalgia weekend!